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Launch of Myra Wines in Pune

1148922_535308529870436_243463088_n.jpgThis night is not one that I am likely to forget very easily- exciting company, stimulating conversations, free alcohol. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? In a few ways, maybe it was.


On a warm Friday evening, the air was filled with a refreshing sense of tranquil as I walked into the Terttulia Restaurant and Bar at Koregaon Park after a long day at work. Under the blanket of stars, in one of the quieter locations of the city, the calm atmosphere brought back a feeling of exhilaration; I could predict that in this perfect setting, I would be a part of an extraordinary experience. The inauguration of Myra Vineyards at Pune was an enriching experience, where I came across the most sterling personalities while I sipped on unique, uncomplicated wines.


The soft music, pleasant to the ear added on to the serenity at Terttulia. I chose to sit at a table closer to the calm, near the entrance and the wine counter in order to have an ideal atmosphere to taste the wine. As the night progressed I realized this was a good decision after all! The first wine I tried was Chenin Blanc, a slightly acidic or crisp white wine, light bodied, rich with tropical flavour. It was accompanied with a variety of starters- the soft, delicate and creamy chicken tapenade cooked perfectly, giving just the right flavours to the palette; traditional cheese balls with a lamb twist served with the mint sauce; the sweet and sour Rosemary potato skins, and the extra meaty meatballs with a hint of ham.The second wine I tasted was the Myra Shiraz, a medium bodied and tropical red wine which works best with cheese. The appetizers fit perfectly with the flavours of the gold medalist wine. I observed more people walking in to the restaurant, making the atmosphere livelier, preparing everyone for the coming weekend. Few of them were Monica, Imrun and Ajay; yes, the atmosphere did get glamorous too! One of the men in the crowd, standing out with his charming appearance was Ajay Shetty, Managing Director of Myra wines. I was privileged to have a short interview with him where he told me more about himself, and his product.



Ajay Shetty worked as a Banker at Hong Kong, where he acquired a taste for wine. He pursued his masters in Computer Science in New York City. Being passionate about agri-business, he knew that with the opportunity to have tasted different types of cuisines and wines, he could make a career out of it. On returning to India, he worked on his passion, and in February 2013, he introduced Myra wines to the market. The concept of Myra is to ‘Experiment’ where wine does not have to be complicated; the beauty lies in its simplicity. Bridging the generation gap, this wine can be enjoyed by all. First timers could enjoy uncomplicated wine, one of its kind and develop a taste for it. Even experienced wine connoisseurs complimented the unique concept, along with the taste of the wines that Myra offers.The Myra Vineyards, with its headquarters at Bengaluru, have successfully attracted a large audience to their unique, yet charming product. Myra wine would be equivalent to the oyster with a pearl; it’s matchless taste and concept is what makes the wine truly beautiful.


All in all, the event was a success, providing the perfect setting, with the right people for tasting the exclusive wine. It was a night to remember, one with its own charm and one which was a perfect way to walk into (or start) the weekend.



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