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Latin Food Fest- HARD ROCK CAFE

Hard Rock Cafe is back with a food festival and this time it’s what I’ve been dreaming about- burritos, nachos, tacos, the works! Yeah, there is a Latin American food festival going on at Hard Rock Cafe Pune this month. And should you be excited about it? HELL YEAH!


I dropped by for lunch this weekend, and oh dear lord. Oh oh dear lord. Leaving you with pictures, I hope you understand the feels *sigh*

hard rock cafe latin food fest
I was genuinely surprised to see that they’ve gone out of their way to spruce up the place a little bit.

hard rock cafe  latin food fest decor

hard rock cafe  cocktails
The Fiesta Menu has an exclusive list of cocktails. We got the chance to taste all of them-Strong cocktails that taste good-please feel free to order any one of them. They are all superb!

hard rock cafe  orange cocktail

hard rock cafe  white cocktail
This is a kiwi based drink (called Spotty) which is a little too fabulous to be honest. Brilliant stuff!
hard rock cafe  red cocktail
A pomegranate based cocktail (Pome & Malta Margarita)- surprisingly EXTREMELY delish.
hard rock cafe  pink mocktail
This one was my favorite- my litchi based concoction minus the alcohol :) This one is my “Cranberry and Litchi Virgin Margarita” SO super delish it’s not even funny.
hard rock cafe  prawn tacos
The orange tequila prawns are to die for. I can’t even begin to explain why I think you need to come down right away and give this a try. So good, it reminded me of butter chicken feels.
hard rock cafe  orange tequila prawn tacos
Looking at this I think I want to go back again.
hard rock cafe  chicken skewers
There’s chicken skewers, and then there’s this. The Char Grilled Tex-Mex Chicken Skewers are huge, chunky pieces of juicy meat grilled perfectly. It’s easy to cut and chew the chicken even when this cools down (chicken skewers tend to get a little hard) Definite reco! 

hard rock cafe  food

hard rock cafe  chicken burrito
Chicken Burritos for lunch. This looked extremely filling and intimidating, but I was overjoyed to realize I finished my half with ease. Loved the absence of oil or grease messing with the palette. And the FRIES!!!! Let’s talk after you try this one out :)

hard rock cafe  lunch

hard rock cafe  brownie
Sizzling brownie with ice cream- good stuff, but nothing very unusual about it. Would have preferred something more Latin American. Churros maybe?


What worked-

1. The fest is on for a good one month (ends on 6 Sept) Usually their fests end in 2 weeks, not leaving us with much time to plan out a visit.

2. The food. I have always had a good experience with the food at Hard Rock Cafe, and I think it only keeps getting better. I’d recommend each and every  dish I tried. 


1. Service- the energy levels were too low…it’s not what I expected at Hard Rock Cafe, you know what I mean? There’s ample room for improvement.


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