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Lakeland by Westside- Phoenix Market City, Pune

Glitter, pink and cupcakes on a Saturday afternoon- you have to be absolutely mental to refuse such an invitation. Hence it should come as no surprise that I said yes the minute The Tiny Taster, a.k.a. Roxanne Bamboat asked me if I’d like to come bake with her and the Lakeland team at the store in Phoenix. At the end of it, I am glad that I made the choice.


Lakeland is something close to heaven for the baking and cooking enthusiasts. Lakeland stocks innovative kitchen appliances that make cooking/baking seem as easy as peasy. No kidding! They’ve got waffle makers, cupcake makers, candy floss makers (yes, you can get your very own candy floss machine!) storage bags, fondue makers, breakfast sets, egg holders, ovens, the works! And all this is available in some very pretty colors, ladies. Just saying.  They even have a small section where you could pick up recipe books! So if your favorite room in your house is your kitchen, I suggest you drop by Lakeland at Phoenix MarketCity and take a look.


The events was a simple, informal meet and greet session where the baking/cooking enthusiasts could take a look around the store, try out a few products while they were at it, and sample the yummies that were being baked. I personally loved the theme- casual, something where you could do what you liked, instead of sticking to a plan. A refreshing change I’d say.  


Here’s a small tour of the store…cos sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Have fun :)


Cupcakes, cake pops and a whole lot of baking accessories displayed at the entrance-




Here’s the pinkest corner of the store, a whole range of Hello Kitty party accessories for the kids. Age is just a number; I think I will totally use them for a theme party. Unless of course they come up with a  powerpuff girls range or something of that sort <Lakeland, please take note!>





Here is my favorite product in the entire store-The cupcake maker. All you need to do is add in the batter to the cupcake maker, let it bake for 10 min, and it’s done. I’ve said this earlier, I’ll say it again- as easy as peasy.









The waffle maker. As easy as peasy.






As I said, you could also pick up some recipe books of your choice-











Candy Floss makers!!! All you need is one tbsp of sugar, this machine, and you’re sorted.


These were the muffins and cake pops that we could decorate with icing. We were first made to use the piping bags, and then the icing bag holder. You can guess which one was easier.



Made by yours truly. Also a special thanks to the chef Shahzad Variava who helped everyone decorate the muffins. It’s ‘cos of him that I decided to decorate not 1 but 4 muffins. Thank you kind sir! :D






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