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Kerala Food Fest at Double Tree By Hilton

Blame us for giving in to the stereotypes when we say we don’t know anything about the cuisines down south. Contrary to popular belief, there is a lot more than idli, dosa and sambar that South India has to offer. Did you know the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka each had a different cuisine of their own? And that it was not all about sambars and vadas only?

I have personally grown to love South Indian cuisines over the last 4 years. I love the exotic flavours of the spices, and the coconut based curries are one of my top favourite comfort foods. So when I received an invitation to the Kerala Food Fest at Double Tree By Hilton, Chinchwad I absolutely had to accept it.



Chinchwad is literally another part of Pune. Thank God for their pick-up-and-drop service, because I don’t see myself driving down so far unless it’s for a weekend stay (remember the brilliant staycation I had fallen in love with back in September? :’) Our pick up arrived at 7:45pm, and it took us a little less than an hour to reach our destination. This distance can be covered n 30-40minutes on a weekend.

kerala food fest double tree hilton

The spread at the Kerala food Fest at Double Tree By Hilton was like a warm hug on a cold winter night. With pickles and fish and prawns and beef (water buffalo) and coconut milk based gravies and appams and dosas and payasam all around while you take a tour of the dinner buffet, it does get extremely difficult to control your excitement (and hunger) While we waited to get started, I might have finished off a bowl or two of banana chips that were kept on our table *tee hee* Oh also, I might have OD’ed on meen.2

My verdict? I frikking LOVED it! There was a point where I was actually considering going back to the food for my fourth round.


Double Tree By Hilton is slowly turning out to be a good option for spending an interesting weekend. From a staycation to food fests to special dates there is a lot that has come up here. For those looking out for a refreshing break, it’s time to start checking out options this side of town :)


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