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Internet Connectivity In Leh

A Himalayan Desert: The negative 6 degrees Celsius temperature may have numbed our hands, but not our hopes.

Leh, March 2021

If you’re wondering why this post started off so abruptly, I’d recommend heading to this blog post to check out the story behind this trip to Leh. Read this post to understand details about travel within Ladakh, while this post covers all the information on the guesthouse where we stayed at.

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Internet connectivity in Leh is quite terrible to be honest- while BSNL and Airtel do a good job of connecting people, the network is at times super patchy. BSNL is great for calls and texts, while Airtel offers good internet connectivity compared to BSNL. My pre-paid Vodafone SIM did not work at all (and I am happy about it! #DnDModeOn)

You can purchase a SIM card for as low as 299INR, which will be activated within 30minutes. You will need identity proof (Aadhar Card or Passport should work) in order to purchase a new SIM card.

Raku Guesthouse has excellent WiFi (one of the reasons I chose this property: I could complete my work before heading out to explore Leh) Snowfall and bad weather can sometimes affect the internet connectivity, but these are things that are not within your control.

Cafes do not have WiFi here (or we didn’t find any that were willing to share their WiFi access with us 😛)

If you’re heading to Leh, I’d recommend putting an out-of-office email, and letting your colleagues and clients know that you might not be reachable.

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