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Inscape 2019

The music festivals officially announced the season of celebrations and holidays as we made travel plans and dropped in those leave applications at the HR Dept. Our fitness routines took a hit and all plans of following a diet lay forgotten as we reveled in high spirits. Good old days, eh?

2018 saw the first edition of Inscape, a techno music fest combined with camping and activities at a weekend getaway. With techno, camping and a road trip as star attractions, there was no way we were saying no to this music festival.

We took a road trip to the Letscampout Sabharwal Farms campsite early in the evening on 22nd December, 2018. It was 5:30pm, the sun was slowly inching it’s way towards the horizon, the Expressway was surprisingly free of traffic, and we had our music to keep us company on this scenic road-trip. A couple of mis-judgements lead us to a wrong route where we found ourselves at a dead-end in a village, and after carefully mapping out the location and stopping to ask for directions, we finally arrived at the campsite by  8:00pm.

We checked into our tents, got ourselves some beers and pizza (Becks and Bubsters for the win!)and headed to the stage. The night started at 9:00pm and ended at 6:00am Yes, Inscape was an overnight music festival with booze flowing throughout the night, great food and of course, some of the best line-ups we’ve seen in the recent past.

Day 2 started early because of the sun making it impossible to stay within the tent for long. We headed out towards the lake, and contemplated kayaking and even jumping in for a dive. After walking around the campsite for a couple of hours, the heat got unbearable and we headed out for a drive to a nearby village where we stopped by for some of the loveliest chicken curry and chapati (a not-so-good-idea in the heat because the spices make you feel HOT! But then again, totally worth it!)

We got back around 3:00 pm when the live acts were warming up the audience for the night ahead. Cold beers in hand and loads of sunscreen later, we headed down to the stage to enjoy the evening that once again ended in the wee hours of the morning.

We packed our bags and left the campsite at 7:00am and were surprised to see the bars still open. In fact the bonfire was still burning and a boombox continued the party at Inscape. The drive back was uneventful and quick, but we came back to a Monday rejuvenated and ready to roll.

The lighting, production, sound, music, food and a well-managed campsite all came together to give us a music festival that we’d remember for the rest of our lives. Inscape 2019, we’re waiting for you already!

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