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India’s Longest Pizza- Hyatt Regency,Pune

India’s longest pizza was made at Hyatt Regency,Pune on 13th December, 2014. At 60ft x 6ft, this pizza helped create history. Yes, Hyatt Regency in our very own Pune is now in the Limca Book of Records for having made the longest pizza in India!! AND I WAS A PART OF THIS EPIC EVENT!!! Yes, I am beyond myself right now, and you can either ignore the enthusiasm (ok don’t) or read what I have to say (yes please?)



The day started off a little late, and was made progressively worse by 1030am when all the cab companies available in the city decided to go against me at the same time. I mean you need to have some really rotten luck to be stuck with the same problem with every app of each company :/ Moving on, I’m glad the Universe was kind enough to sort things out for me. I made it to Hyatt Regency ON.TIME. And this is no exaggeration.I entered the lobby, was escorted to the hall where the table was set, and had 20 seconds to take in the magnitude of the event before I was handed over my apron, chef’s hat and a pair of gloves. 



Because everything happened in such a short time I had no time to think about how LUCKY I am to be associated with this. It’s not everyday that you get to be a part of something this grand. Thank you team Hyatt Regency, this shall be in my list of top moments for years to come. 



More than eating and reviewing, I love to be a part of events that get together people who share the same passion- the passion for food. I was glad to be a  part of this activity that not only got me to contribute to the Limca Book of Records, but also made me meet some very happy, passionate individuals who were as excited as I was about this. What really stood out was the energy of everyone who was a part of this event- I have never seen a bunch of people of all ages coming together and coordinating so effortlessly and flawlessly to make something that will go down in history as the longest pizza made in India. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? 



The pizza was served to 200 kids from Maher, an NGO based out of Pune. Seeing the happiness on their faces…ah, few things are as satisfying as seeing people genuinely happy. Gives you some hope, doesn’t it? 


Leaving you with a few pictures from the event. Be prepared to have your minds BLOWN.  







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