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I Got My Christmas Hampers Ready With Forennte

December is here, bringing along with it a chilly breeze, low temperatures and loads of hot chocolate. If this wasn’t enough reason to celebrate, Christmas will be upon us in 2 weeks, and this can only mean 2 things : loads of Christmas cakes and goodies, and fine wine at Xmas feasts. It’s really difficult for me to ignore the festive spirit when gifts start pouring in, and if there’s one thing that you must know about me, it’s that I love spoiling my loved ones with goodies. Since Christmas is here and I’m frantically searching for a new cupboard to stock the goodies that have started pouring in, I’m also getting my gift hampers ready for my clan. And I couldn’t have been more excited because I AM CURATING MY OWN GIFT HAMPERS AT FORENNTE!

Those of you who have been following me on social media know my love for Forennte (especially the hot chocolate- it’s like a warm hug on a cold winter evening) You might also know that I work out of Forennte 3-4 times every week. So one fine day as I sat looking away into the distance, wondering what to gift people this Christmas, I spotted the glass counter at Forennte, and the cakes looked up at me innocently and said, “Um, maybe this is the time you show us off to the world?” So I told Namrata about this little exchange between me and the cakes, and being the sweetie that she is, she was super delighted to help me curate my own hamper! Yes, she allowed me to choose my favorite products and make my own hamper! She’s an absolute darling.

Here’s how I made my hamper, my personalized gift to my peeps <3

Marble and Plum in one : this one’s the marble plum cake
These gingerbread snowman cookies are such cuties!!
Granola for the healthy snacking bit, and those chocolate cookies for moments of pure indulgence. The first bite of these soft cookies literally gave me goosebumps
Christmas themed cuties : Cupcakes!
This red velvet cheese cake is something I believe you must all try here. A rich, velvety cheesecake with a soft biscuit crust….it’s oohlala and how <3

So well, I created my own hamper. And I’m sending it out soon. I am SO EXCITED!

I’d highly recommend you check out the Christmas Hampers Chef Nammy has created for the season. If you want to personalize them, or curate something completely new, you can do that too!

You can get in touch with Forennte at –020 2615 8133

Forennte is located in Lane 8 in Koregaon Park, and also delivers cakes home.

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