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House of Medici, Pune

One of the recent additions to the culinary circuit in Pune is House of Medici, a fine dining institution that celebrates good food, music, glamour, and all things associated with the lifestyle of the rich and the famous. It’s one of those places you can imagine the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor clinking their glasses of champagne in a glamorous celebration of their lives.IMG_20170117_203245_952
An interesting thing to note here is that the bar at House of Medici is the tallest and longest bar in the country, beating the famous Escobar in Mumbai. The bar here is long enough to have a fashion show on it, and New Year’s Eve saw that a few weeks ago.

So what is House of Medici, a name that has appeared out of the blue in the high flying circles of Pune? Many of you who’ve been regulars of the Pune night life would have heard of KueBar, a club that started off on a great note, and ended with the need of some MAJOR crowd control. Next thing we know, KueBar has been shut for renovation, and a few months later House of Medici is born.

The House of Medici is strongly inspired by well, the House of Medici, an Italian banking family known for their wealth and influence in the 15th century. One look around the club and you know they’ve stayed true to their royal words. Dimly lit interiors, teak furniture, polished wood, boars as sidetables, pianos, soft blankets, plush velvet sofas and chandeliers make this a choice of those with fine taste.

house of medici ambiance
Dishes on the menu include corned chicken leg,gosht shammi kebab, murgh pasandey,imli karela, achari kumbh,sea bass with lentil risotto, jerk spiced chicken with potatoes, mapo tofu, baked cheesecake and a lot more.


What’s In It For You?
– Come here for the international cuisine that takes you on a gastronomical adventure of sorts. Not in the mood for this? You always have some desi dishes to look forward to (I personally am a fan of their desi preparations)
– The bartenders have some fun tricks up their sleeves which is proved right when you take a sip of an extremely interesting cocktail.
– The quality of gigs shows great promise. Though the sound system there needs major improvement. Other than that, this seems like a place perfect for some class acts.

Take Note!
This experience comes at a cost. Not a place you’d like to visit on a regular basis unless you’re fine with spending around 700 bucks for a cocktail, but definitely something you can reserve for a special occasion. Family gatherings are a great option for those looking at a private, lush space to indulge in. The lounge indoors can be booked at a premium price for a private party.

Am I coming back? Of course I am. But it would be for a gig, or after an after party since this place stays open till the wee hours of the morning.

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