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Healthy Eating with Chafa Cafe and Studio, Pune

With the rise in health friendly establishments around town, it’s become easier to head out for a meal that doesn’t leave you feeling too guilty. The likes of granola bowls, whole wheat pancakes, salads, kombuchas and cold-brews make it easier for the “health enthusiasts” to enjoy guilt-free breaks every now and then.

 I have personally felt the change in my lifestyle. I head out to a health café for my work twice a week where I meet friends, clients and generally network with people over juices, oatmeal, salads and grills. While I have a bunch of favorite places to work out of, my go-to place is Chafa Café and Studio located in Lane 6 in Koregaon Park.

There are a  whole bunch of reasons why I like this European styled café, namely-

The Ambiance

It’s gorgeous to say the least! With green and white making up the interiors, and succulents and plants dominating the décor, it provides a calm, relaxing place to work out of.

The Food

Whole wheat banana pancakes, papaya-yogurt salad, charcoal activated grilled chicken burger, vegetarian Thai curry bowls, Granola-Berry chocolate bowls and Buddha Bowls make it to my list of favorites, with the Indian Buddha Bowl leading the list. Who’d complain when there’s guilt-free and delicious food to fuel the day? ?


I have met so many people with interesting professions and backgrounds at Chafa Café & Studio who have either gone on to become clients, or helped me expand my relevant network. There are also a whole lot of connections that have been enabled through this café that have helped businesses expand their market. To me, this is a good deal!

The Energy

Calm, peaceful, quiet and filled with fresh plants, this is exactly the kind of relaxing atmosphere I need when I sit down to work. There are minimal distractions as you enjoy the WiFi and sunlight (and food!) and enjoy a productive day.

Chafa Café and Studio : A1, Aadit Enclave Building, Lane Number 5, S Main Rd, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

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