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Health Concerns In Leh

A Himalayan Desert: The negative 6 degrees Celsius temperature may have numbed our hands, but not our hopes.

Leh, March 2021

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For information on internet connectivity, please read this post.

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Please acclimatize!

Everyone will tell you this as soon as you land in Leh. Please take them seriously.

Ideally, stay in for 3 days. You can walk around a little bit (I mean 1km when I say little) and make sure you drink plenty of water. You might not encounter anything in the first 2 days, but as my mother and a couple of amazing fauji doctors (I love my friends) told me: there are times when out of the blue pulmonary edema kicks in after day 3. So don’t go running around for the first 3 days just because you feel you can breathe fine.

If you’re getting a headache, drink water, and if it persists, a paracetamol should help (please do not self-medicate, ask a doctor before taking any pills)

If you’re feeling dizzy, avoid walking or moving out.

If you develop a cough, please see a doctor immediately.

If you’re experiencing nausea, breathlessness, or any other abnormal feeling, please visit a clinic/hospital/medical aid station.

There is a lot of medical aid around, and oxygen masks can be got if in case you’re facing any trouble breathing.

153 GH is the Military Hospital located in Leh, and SNM hospital is another major hospital where the locals will guide you to.

Because you need to acclimatize, it’s recommended that you take a long break to visit Leh, instead of packing in everything within 1 week.

We met people who were visiting for 4-5 days, who were heading out on day 1 itself. Not something I’d recommend at all!

Please be a responsible traveler and give yourself some time to truly experience the place.

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