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Grubfest 2016, Pune

India’s biggest food fest was in our not-so-tiny-anymore town of Pune in the last weekend of March, and in my opinion it was like a breath of fresh air in this dull, dry heat. There were quite  a few goofups, but as a festival attendee I had a fun-filled 3 days that I know will get even better when Grubfest comes back with it’s second installation.

grubfest day 3

Here’s a quick summary of the good, bad and ugly –

GOOD – So much food!

It’s always fun to eat such a wide variety of food from all over the city, under one roof.

grubfestaufside hotdog
Hot dogs at Aufside
grubfest heat icecream
It was 38 deg on a hot afternoon. Ice cream should have been declared president.
grubfest punjabi dhaba lassi
Snapchat shenanigans :) – lassi at Punjabi Dhaba. Imagine drinking something out of a 1.8lt glass O:)
grubfest burgertron
Crab burgers from Burgertron – a little bland, but I am sure they would be pretty rad on a non-festival day.
grubfest butterchicken punjabi dhaba
Punjabi Dhaba- because tradition :) You must drop by at the Viman Nagar outlet. The portion sizes will blow your mind, and let me not even talk about the butter chicken and dal makhani…

GOOD – Mexican Rodeo

80 bucks for a grilled chicken taco? Thank you, I will have 5 of those. 200 bucks for a burrito might sound expensive, but one look at 10 inches of that awesomeness and you will know you have invested your money in some GOOD food. I can’t WAIT for them to start their food truck here in Pune (in Viman Nagar btw)

grubfest mexican rodeo grilled chicken tacos

GOOD – Vibes

Sprawling lawns dedicated to food stalls, a music stage and a bar with enough space left to lounge around in the grass- this was what I’d prefer at a fest, a relaxed vibe with some good music, good food and great company.

Reunions :)

grubfest day 3 bnw

grubfest random

grubfest day 1 zomato
Zomato at Grubfest :)
grubfest day 2 zomato
Being punny with @thebausgirl :)

grubfest day 3 lawns

GOOD- MMA fight

This was the crowd-puller on day 2 of the festival. While I am not a big fan of watching people fight, it was nice to see people cheering on for their favorite players. In fact I know many who had only come for this :)

GOOD – SummerHouse Cafe

Summer House Cafe is all set to open in Pune, and I can’t wait for it! The location looks great, the bar has some great reviews in Delhi and I love the fact that they support Indie music talent. Let’s see what Summer House Cafe has in store for us when they get here.

grubfest budweiser
Might have OD’ed on beer…in my defense it was too hot!
grubfest mannfarid at summerhouse stage
Summer House Cafe is a stage for indie music talent, and has gained popularity in Delhi. They’re all set to open in Pune and Mumbai soon, and I love the fact that the indie talent in this side of the country has so much to look forward to. Seen here- Mannfarid, an indie hindi rock band from Pune, performing live on the Summer House Cafe stage. The impressive lineup at this fest included Ankur and Ghalat Family, Your Chin, Big City Harmonics, Blot, Bombay Bassment, Barmer Boys and Raghu Dixit among many more.

GOOD – Live screening of Ind vs Aus

Day 3 of the fest saw some great energy, great vibe and a brilliant Ind vs Aus match. It almost felt like a huge family was sitting together and watching the match in their living room. Loved the crowd!

grubfest match screening

BAD- Nothing new on display

Except for Mexcian Rodeo, I doubt there was any new brand left to discover. Finding the same brands everywhere tends to get a little boring.

BAD- Inefficent promotion

There was a lot of potential when it came to promotion of this event. Pune is a price-minded market that functions on word of mouth and influencer marketing. Keeping this basic fact in mind, a lot could have been done with the way the event was promoted.

Well, this was a great experience to be honest. And teething difficulties are obvious. I am sure back when NH7 started it might have been something like this. I really hope they don’t lose heart and come back with season 2 :)

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