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Going Bananas- Frozen Monkey, Reviewed!

I was invited for a review to Frozen Monkey a couple of weeks ago- sorry for the delay in posting this, there’s a lot been happening on the website. Stay tuned, I promise I won’t make you wait for long.

Frozen Monkey Menu

Moving on,here’s a little something about my experience at Frozen Monkey, Pune.

I was a little surprised to walk into the E-Square building and find Frozen Monkey at what used to be Out of the Blue- it was a favorite 2 years ago when I practically lived in that area. It’s been so long since I visited that neighborhood, it brought back bittersweet memories of the past. More of that on my Twitter feed someday maybe? Ha! Moving on, Frozen Monkey has a couple of things going right for it-

1. Space- the restaurant is MASSIVE, with tables well spaced out in the outer area, the inside lounge and the dinner area. They also have a private seating arrangement for parties.
2. Music- Who doesn’t like to listen to popular hits of last decade? No, I do NOT mean to be sarcastic. With the overdose of EDM and techno around, this sort of music is a pleasant change. The DJ also pops in a few Honey Singh numbers now and then. Hell yeah, cheap beer and Honey Singh can never go wrong!

What seemed a little awkward was probably the segregation of the lounge and dining areas- there is no proper demarcation of the 2 areas, and the music is equally loud in both. I understand loud music in the lounge, but it gets a little annoying to talk over the blasting speakers in the dinner area.


Frozen Monkey Menu
From what I could gather that night, Frozen Monkey takes care of it’s customers. The staff is attentive and well-mannered. A little feedback- they should wait for the end of the meal to get a total feedback of the experience from the customer. The engagement levels are good, but I felt it kept distracting the customers. Something they should keep in mind. I understand how it might get annoying to have someone snooping around your table at all times.

Food and Drinks
I was so happy looking at the vast menu, I decided to treat myself to some alcohol! Because to be honest, it felt a little difficult to avoid a margarita with tequilla and banana in it. Leaving you with a few pictures and feedback-
Frozen Monkey Prawns

Frozen Monkey Passage to India

Frozen Monkey choc mousse

Frozen Monkey Cheesecake

Frozen Monkey Brownie

Frozen Monkey Bananarita

Frozen Moneky P 2
I liked the cocktail, though I didn’t particularly enjoy the food- they need to fine tune a lot of their preparations. The meatballs were a little disappointing. I’d go back for the pesto pasta, and the absoltuely drool-worthy Passage from india (chicken steak)

HeyPune, if you haven’t checked out Frozen Monkey yet and are looking at a place with cheap alcohol, loud music and a young crowd (this place reminded me of a cross between Hidden Place and Hoppipolla) do give this a try. I had a fabulous time thanks to the ambiance and the music,and it was a fresh change from the usual places I frequently visit. Try it, especially if you are looking at a fun night out, and food is not a focus.

Frozen Monkey dinner
They also have a photo-booth for selfie lovers! Great social media networking I must say . Do visit this place once, let me know how it goes.


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