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Goa Food Diaries- Cafe Chocolatti

Recently featured in an article on Storypick, Café Chocolatti immediately caught my attention, especially since I am a breakfast person.  So of course I made it a point to stop by at this gorgeous joint at an ungodly hour (as per Goa standards)- 8:30am. Fun Fact- I am a pain to go holidaying with because I will have you out of bed at 7am. Sorry not sorry.


Moving on- Café Chocolatti opens at 9:00am, but they were kind enough to let us in half an hour before time (though I have a feeling the hunger and excitement was pretty evident on our faces) Whatever the reason be, God shall bless them for their kindness.


Snuggled into a tiny gate on the footpath on Candolim Road, Café Chocolatti is a vast green space that has a distinct European vibe. In fact the entire architecture is a mix of English and Portuguese designs- a villa with extended ‘rooms’ that have been converted into the bakery and kitchens, lush green lawns, white and black tiled floors, pebbled pathways in the garden… and a menu that will have you drooling at the sight of it.

If nothing, go here for the ambiance and a cup of coffee. Don’t forget to carry your favorite book along! Away from the hustle bustle of the beach and city life, Café Chocolatti provides you a meditation area of sorts. All that you need is some good company, or maybe just you and your thoughts!



After having seen the menu, it was a little difficult to decide what to order. So this is what the three of us landed up with-



Chocolate Brownie

Baked Beans and Toast

Omelet and Toast

Strawberry and Nutella Crepe

Chicken Sausages


The verdict?

Best.Breakfast.Ever. I’m not going to go into a detailed explanation of what worked for me and what did not. I would want everyone who visits Goa to try this at least once because you really are missing out on something.


The Baked beans on toast was not what I had expected, it felt a little too bland. But then again I was in the mood for something tangy so I should have ordered something else (I will not cut points for anything because these guys were next to perfect, yeah) Brownie points for giving me a happy coffee!


Guys, do visit Café Chocolatti and you have my word- you will not regret it. You might even make this your breakfast spot for all days that you are around.




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