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For the love of cake and art- Forennte

It’s the age of free wi-fi at Starbucks and internet cafes, so why on earth are you wasting time reminiscing about the old days when people went to cafes to read books? Because God loves us and blesses us with angels like Namrata Kriplani who then bless us with Forennte.  Allow me to introduce you to Forennte, the old-school “let me read a book and finish my coffee and paint and write and eat for 6 hours” experience right in the hustle bustle of the city.

 We’re talking about some real cafe culture now, the kind of place Da Vinci would love to enjoy a cup of black coffee at. Whether you’re here to enjoy some good cakes and coffee with your friends or want to take some time off and lounge around reading, painting, eating all day, Forennte has a little something for every mood.  Those who love, enjoy and understand the creative arts would be addicted to this place soon enough. Here’s why-
forennte. counter
This view makes me so happy :)

forennte cakes

forennte cake goals
Birthday Cake goals
forennte. on display
Quiet and refreshing, the interiors of this cafe also have paintings on sale :)
forennte wishing
Cutest concept I’ve come across recently – write down a wish, pin it on the wishing tree, Namrata picks up a couple of wishes randomly every week, and if you’re lucky your wish comes true. *teehee*
forennte. paintings 2
The upper section of the cafe is dedicated to painters. I know right?! You can pick up a paintbrush, colors, choose your canvas and get painting!
forennte. art
They also say painting is therapeutic :)

forennte paintings

And now comes the food. As far as the cakes are concerned, there is nothing that won’t make you go “wow” I won’t reveal too many details, but there is something absolutely mind-blowing for vegetarians here ;)
forennte mango passion fruit
Mango-passion fruit awesomeness.
forennte chocolate orange'
Rich, dark, dense chocolate cake with orange. WOW would be an understatement here.

forennte salted caramel
Salted caramel FTW!
forennte tiramisu
Chocolate based tiramisu anyone? This one is named after an artist – Giotto Gateaux
Hello smoked ham pizza :) If you like your pizza with a lot of flavours, you might want to miss out on this one. If you like cheese and ham and olives, go for it!

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