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First Feature Article- DNA

March 7, 2014

Waking up to congratulatory messages and mails can only mean one thing- I’m doing SOMETHING right. The confidence gives me a high, and even though it’s a small step, it’s worth the effort. Writing feels liberating, and it feels good to be acknowledged. It’s just the beginning though…one small step at a time.


Here’s what I wrote-


Red Velvet Cake at Fat Cat’s CaféA quaint little café situated opposite Salunke Vihar, Wanowarie, Fat Cat’s Café will remind you of a small bistro you might stumble upon somewhere in the English countryside. Melanie Andrade is the owner and chef at Fat Cat’s Café, while Sunil Kirpalani takes care of the business.


The moment you open the door, you are greeted with a delicious aroma which instantly makes you drool. The mint interiors provide a calming effect, and it’s quite refreshing to get away from the hustle bustle of the city life. The café also has a book shelf- perfect for some “me” time.Melanie and Sunil are very patient with the customers, and help them choose a dish that suits the mood. They are one of the most genuine people one can come across, and the love for baking is reflected in all the dishes.Melanie has always been fond of baking, and catered from home before she decided to open the café. We were a little curious to know where she learnt her fabulous cooking skills from- “Oh I haven’t learnt anything. Just a whole lot of experimentation, that’s all. I’m lucky it turns out well.” This answer left us a little speechless, and we couldn’t help asking – “You haven’t learnt any of this…?” She must be used to this reaction by now, because she smiled back politely and said “Touchwood”We couldn’t help but agree.


The café serves pies, quiches, sandwiches, cakes, coffee, and also has a special menu every weekend. The concept is interesting, and ensures nothing is wasted. The meat served is fresh, and in generous quantities. We asked a few of the customers to recommend a few dishes. “Red velvet cake” was the prompt answer. Even Sunil and Melanie agree- “it’s flying off the shelves, but you need to try some of the other stuff too!”


Red velvet cakes have slowly gained popularity, but very few have managed to do a good job.The red velvet cakes here are by far one of the best you will have in Pune. A slice of red velvet cake is priced at Rs. 100; one bite and you’ll know it’s worth it. Warm and fresh, this cake melts in your mouth. The cream cheese on top gives the cake a distinguishing flavor, and you’ll know you’ve tasted something that could one day be one of the wonders of the city.The best part about this place is you cannot stop after one pastry. We ended up eating a lot more than what we had planned, but since the food is fresh and well cooked (not to mention delicious) we are not complaining. In case you haven’t tried out the red velvet cake (or other cakes for that matter), we recommend you visit this café soon.


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