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Fat Cat’s Cafe- Review

Fat Cat's Cafe- red velvet cake So today was my “Cheat Day” of the week, and I decided to spoil myself with a whole lot of sugar. Plus the Gods decided to be kind to me. How else would I taste delicious tea, coffee, cake AND sandwiches all on the same day?


Sad part is there are very few places here in Wanowarie/NIBM that sell good cakes/cupcakes. So I usually settle for coffee. And since Fat Cat’s been pending on my To-Do list for quite some time, I decided to give it a try today. And God bless me for that.


Situated right opposite Salunke Vihar is this pretty little café which you might not notice immediately. But prepare to be blown out of your minds as soon as you enter the shop. It’s a small place with 6 tables (2 of them inside) and gives a very warm and homely feel. A book rack at the entrance is well stocked. Added to this is the delicious smell of cakes and pies wafting out of the kitchen. Drool-inducing, to put it short and simple.


The menu sounds delicious, and the actual food item doesn’t disappoint you either. By the time I got over the excitement of having spotted “bacon”, “cheese”, “quiche” and “red velvet cake” on the menu, the owners suggested we try out the Red Velvet Cake and Bacon&Cheese Toast. I would be mad to disagree, so yes, I decided to give that a try.The red velvet cake sat there on our table, looking innocent and harmless while I clicked pictures from every angle. And nothing in the world could have prepared me to meet the awesomeness that was hidden inside the innocent looking pastry.


I don’t think my words will ever do justice to this cake. It felt fresh, as if iy were just out of the oven. The cream cheese on top gave the electric sugar rush, and then the rest was MAGIC. If you want to know what mouth melting means, have this cake. And I double dare you to have only one (Yes, I ended up taking a few more pastries home) Smooth cake. Delicious cake. Mouth watering, drool worthy, mouth melting cake. “This makes me want to be interested in all the pretty things in life”- said the friend I was with. And he claims to be too macho for his own good. So yeah, that.


The bacon and cheese toast is what I would want to eat for breakfast everyday for the rest of my life. And trust me I wouldn’t get bored. The bacon doesn’t smell, the cheese is soft and melted, and even after the toast is cold the bread doesn’t dry up. If you haven’t tasted this till now, I suggest you do. Cos I now feel extremely sorry for all those who haven’t been here. It’s worth driving down 15km for. (Also, we packed 1 plate of this too.)


It’s been a wonderful experience. I am definitely going back again. It’s a kilometer away from my place, so maybe I can run down, eat a pastry and run back. That way I could afford to eat this everyday and not put on weight. Which reminds me – a little over priced, but you forget about that once you bite into the world of awesomeness. Only if it could last forever.


The owner is a very lucky man I must say, being married to a woman who can create magic with her cooking. No wonder he’s such a happy man. By the time I left the lace, I actually imagined myself to be a content Pusheen Cat, so yes, the name suits the place perfectly. An absolute delight to visit this place, and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on this.






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