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Eagle Boys Pizza, Pune- Reviewed!

I have been eyeing this place for quite some time, and I finally gave up my will power and decided to try out the pizzas at Eagle Boys Pizza. I mean it’s not exactly an easy task to ignore “Buy one get one FREE” all around you as you quickly try to pass by the shop. I’m only human. 


Eagle Boys Pizza is a pizza parlor situated opposite the Food Court at Seasons Mall. Quite a prime location, considering the fact that the movie theater is right next door. Add to that the smell of freshly baked pizzas surrounding you as you step off the escalator- there’s no way you’re going to be ignored for long. Full marks for location! 


I won’t say much about the ambiance- it’s a regular pizza parlor at the mall with small tables and chairs fit into a small room. Eagle Boys Pizza also has outdoor seating, but it might tend to make you a bit uncomfortable since it is a part of the mall pathway. One thing I wish they would improve is the hygiene. With white interiors, it’s a big pain to keep the tables, walls and floors sparkling clean. They need to do a better job at cleanliness.


The service was extremely disappointing- the guy seemed clueless when asked about the difference in preparations of 2 pizzas, no one seems to have the time to pay you any attention even after having 5 people handling the store, no wtaer being served to the customers, instead of getting my take-away to the table he called me to the counter…you get the point. It was a little annoying, hope they take note of this. 



Spicy Chicken

A preparation that reminded me distinctly of the Spicy Chicken at Domino’s, this one was a pleasant change from the usual “wheat overload” that we get in the name of cheese and peppers on pizza. A special mention of the generous toppings of cheese, corn, peppers and chicken. Recommended if you want to stick with your usual flavors.


Bondi Pizza

I have always hated the concept of pineapple in pizza. I thought I’d push myself out of my comfort zone and see what the fuss was all about. I was pleasantly surprised to see a pizza topped with generous portions of chicken, cheese and pineapple. One bite, and I think I know why people make a big deal out of pineapple pizzas- they’re bloody good! Warm gooey cheese combined with the sweetness of pineapple- this is a combination that has been prevalent in finger foods since the time of the British Rule in India (an original ‘invention’ of the 1800s) A definite try if you like experimenting. 



Cheesy Garlic Swirl

This was a little disappointing- the rolls were a little har and the cheese had dried up. Sticking to the reguslar garlic bread is a good option. Or else revamp this preparation entirely- the bread roll can be made softer, and a LOT of cheese can be added. 



Best part about the pizzas? They stay soft even after being left overnight in the fridge. And they do not taste of stale ghee/butter/oil. The Chocolate Pizza looks interestingly…tempting. I think I’ll give that a try sometime soon. 



Ambiance- 2/5

Service- 2/5

Food- 3/5

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