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Dunkin Donuts launches in Pune

Dunkin Donuts launched in Pune this morning, and oh boy it was a huger deal than what I had expected it to be! I was invited as a blogger, and after seeing the line in front of the store I was over the moon with joy for the blogger privileges. I entered Phoenix Marketcity at 1130am to find a line in front of Dunkin Donuts…. A line with 200 people, no kidding. Some had been standing in line since 8am! 

Anyway,as far as Dunkin Donuts is concerned, I’ve had a better experience at the store in Delhi, but I’m cutting them some slack this time around since this was the launch. 

The Chocolate Cake donut has always been a favorite,but  I hope it gets better here. The banana flavored one (Go Nuts is what it’s called if I’m not mistaken) was a little disappointing with the artificial flavouring. The Cinnamon donut too was not as gorgeous as it looked. The jelly filled one could taste delish when heated. The Mint donut was a little too strong, and the Boston cream filled Donut and chocolate varieties were pretty good, nothing too exceptional. The chilly-guava-white chocolate donut was interesting, but once again we expected something stronger.The Classic Glazed one was a popular favorite. 

The menu is reasonably priced, and I guess they will get their footfalls easily. Though I hope they plan on opening other stores in the city- I do not plan on going to a mall only to have donuts. The parking and walking around is too much of a hassle at times. 

The first 300 customers were given free coupons for the rest of the year, which means I got my share. We were also given coffee mugs with the Dunkin Donuts branding. I am a sucker for coffee mugs and am proud of my little quirky collection, and this one fits right in 

I got back a pack of 6 for the family, and I must mention how they tasted much better after heating. So I suggest you ask the staff to heat your donuts before serving them to you. 

Drool away! 


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