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Do you have a weird pizza eating habit?

eat pizza.pngPizza is one of the world’s best known foods. It’s high time they declared it the national food of every country, right? I feel your pain…I really do. More of this later.


Moving on, we all have our favorite pizzas and pizza joints. But did you know some of us have peculiar ways of eating this delicacy? Today I’m going to list down a few *quirky* ways in which people eat their pizzas. If you feel you can add on to the list, please feel free to comment. 



1. I know someone who only has the toppings, with slight nibbles of the bread. ON TOP. What is left behind is the entire pizza, sans toppings. 


2. There are some who use forks and knives to eat their pizzas. Because greasy, cheesy things are meant to be eaten in a civilized fashion.


3. A friend of a friend eats the crust first. No kidding. 


4. I personally eat pizzas that are tangy. And not too cheesy (yeah, EYE ROLL)To add in some extra flavor, I add red pepper and/or ranch dressing


5. I don’t share my pizza. I DO NOT. (I also steal pizza slices occasionally. 2 years ago I polished off a medium pizza and stole 2 slices of my boyfriend’s while he slept.)


6. Someone in college once made a sandwich out of 2 slices before eating the “pizza”  On being asked to explain this quirky habit, he shrugged and said- that’s how I’ve always had it. Since I was a kid. This way I can eat double the amount of pizzas without feeling guilty about it” Ah well, as long as it keeps him happy.



7. I’ve heard some people dunk the crusts in coke before eating them. 


8. One of my close friends likes his pizza cold. Taken out of refrigerator kinda cold (and I think I  like that :/ )


9. Someone I know adds in a little melted butter as seasoning.


10.  I once saw a man eating pizza after dipping the slice in mayo. 



Fun, isn’t this?  Do YOU have any strange pizza eating habits? Don’t be shy, go ahead and SHARE them! 


And hey, at the end of the day a pizza is a pizza. And it’s up to you- eat it any way you want to!

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