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Div’s Delight- Desserts in Pune

I visited Ishanya Mall this Thursday evening to take a look at the Yellow Ribbon Fair. For those of you who do not know, the Yellow Ribbon Fair is organized every year by Ishnaya Foundation.The fair provides a platform where the NGOs can showcase and sell products made as a part of their income generation activities and generate awareness about the work done by them. The fair is on from 9-12th October this year. 


There are a whole range of products available at the 90-100 stalls present at the venue- puja thalis, eco friendly bags, footwear, clothes, solar cookers, feng shui items, food, the works! I’m here to tell you my experience with the one food stall that might have me going back for more- Div’s Delight (Stall No 31) When it comes to desserts, there’s no way I can stop myself. 


Div’s Delight had a display of red velvet cupcakes, chocolate brownies, chocolates and rum balls. I opted for the red velvet cupcake (duh) and the chocolate brownie. Here’s the verdict-


Red Velvet Cupcake-

It’s all about the color and the frosting, isn’t it? This scored full marks in that department. When it comes to the taste- if you like sweet, butter cream frosting, you’re going to LOVE this creation. I of course loved it- this was a little different from the cream cheese variety that I have eaten. Which one do I prefer? The cream cheese one( Fat Cat’s Cafe) I doubt I can ever get over my love for the red velvet cake at Fat Cat’s Cafe. *sigh* I might be  little biased I guess. Priced at Rs. 40, I think they’re more than value for money. 

Red Velvet Cupcakes at Div’s Delight- 8/10




Chocolate Brownie

These look gooey and absolutely sinful. And they don’t disappoint either. Rich dark chocolate brownie with a thick chocolate frosting- yes please!! The brownies don’t crumble, and are soft and gooey till the last bite. Priced at Rs.60, I think they’re quite a hit. 

Chocolate Brownies at Div’s Delight- 8/10






Div’s Delight also accepts party and corporate orders. I foyu are looking out for bulk orders, this is one option you could try. Here are the details –


Div’s Delight by Divya Lulla


She is based out of Sopan Baug.



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