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Co-working Spaces : Ministry of New, Mumbai

Co-working spaces have been a trend in the West for quite some time, and it’s great to see the trend making it’s way to India, albeit slowly. The idea of an open, barrier-less, communicative office culture has taken some time to seep into the traditional Indian business minds, but it’s safe to say that today in 2016 it is finally catching up in the Indian economic system too.

Owing to the changing trends in the urban market, there has been a shift in attitude as far as work culture is concerned. Community building has taken center stage as people scatter to find like-minded matches. Work stations have become creative, energetic and vibrant. Creativity is being encouraged in all the fields, and places offering to nurture this need of creativity and communication are the go –to options for many of the working professionals these days.

Freelancing and remote working have gained popularity over the last few years, and have therefore been another contributing factor in the growth of creative working spaces.Creative working spaces offer a great platform for freelancers to network with other individuals, as well as meet potential clients. These creative co-working spaces offer amenities, mentoring, networking and smooth flow of work in your own space.

The monumental workload upon the entrepreneurs has them scurrying about town, meeting investors and stakeholders and candidates for recruitment, the works. As the weight of deadlines and meetings increases, it becomes easier for these entrepreneurs to work out of a co-working space that not only provides them with facilities to complete their work, but also serves as a great meeting point for all their public, stakeholders and  employees alike. Sharing office space with other freelancers and startups is a great idea also because the networking opportunity increases to no limit.

Co-working spaces essentially work around the concept of leasing office spaces to individuals or groups, with membership packages. The days of young people in sweat pants lounging on bean bags with laptops in cafes have passed.A co-working space is smart, innovative, and encourages activity.

I had the pleasure of working from one of the best co-working spaces in the country, Ministry of New. Recommended to me by my younger sister who works in a building close by, I decided to walk down 350 mt to see what the hype was all about. As soon as I stepped into the premises, I knew what everyone was talking about.


Ministry of New is an innovative co-working space that invites freelancers, entrepreneurs, small startups, artists, writers, etc from all over the world, to enjoy the benefit of creative working and networking. The property is made up of a large common co-working space, a couple of meeting rooms, a conference room, a café, a casual meeting room and a couple of rooms where small teams can work out of. There is plenty of coffee to keep you up and moving, and a café to grab a quick bite. Ministry of New also hosts a library and a kitchenette. The corridors are lined with green plants, and the al fresco seating makes it a perfect atmosphere to network. The kitchen area is cosy, with brightly lit sofas and a huge surfboard swing dominating the room. The co-working space has wifi, coffee, water, a fridge and a microwave too.


Ministry of New works on membership only, with a minimum membership of 5 days. Monthly subscriptions are available too. Since it was my first time at the property, I was given a free trail of the services and working space. There is ample parking space available in the lanes around Ministry of New.

Ministry of New is a great place to meet a lot of people, and since it has an international; network, the scope of meeting those from the international market is high. Ministry of New also hosts events related to the art, literature and design space, and have been hosts to photo shoots too.

Psst: You should check out this shoot with Deepika Padukone at Ministry of New to see how Ministry of New is right out of a Pinterest board.

For those of you who’re looking out for options to work from, Minsitry of New in Fort comes highly recommended.

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