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Christmas Lights at Westin!

Christmas season has kicked off with a big bang this year! Westin is one of the first few hotels in the city that has started preparing for Christmas Eve in full swing.  They ushered in the festivities this weekend with a tree lighting and carol singing event.  Since I had been a part of their annual traditional cake mixing event, I made sure I was made a part of the festivities. It was extremely kind of them to remember  :D


I couldn’t stay here for a long time since I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately. It felt like 30min, but I spent an hour at the lobby making ice-cream sundaes, sipping on my orange juice ( I wasn’t in the mood for any wine) and going through the items on sale while the kids from Mercedes Benz sang some beautiful carols (I hummed along to a few…the bittersweet wave of nostalgia did wash over me for a moment when I was reminded of hymns and assemblies at school)



If you walk into Westin anytime after today, you’ll see the lobby adorned with decorations and a huge Christmas Tree.  A Gingerbread House stocks all your Christmas specials- cookies, plum cakes, chocolates, candy, the works! The house is particularly fascinating since its gorgeous..and edible. Yes, you read that right. This beautiful display is all stacked under an edible roof.


If you’re looking at picking up goodies for your friends and family, I suggest you drop by and take a look at what they have to offer. Chef Anurudh has done a brilliant job :)


They have a lot of hampers too that make things simpler and exciting. I picked my favorite hamper…and my loved ones are allowed to gift it to me this season :)



Merry Christmas!! Tra la la la la and all that!


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