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Cake Decor

Last weekend Chef Gerwin took us through some interesting concepts in cake-baking. It’s his third class till date, and I personally feel they keep getting better. 



This one was all about decorating cakes with whipped cream and butter cream, and how to go about making the perfect Dutch Truffle and Mixed fruit cake. Since everything in the class was about decorating cakes, I’ll keep this one short and sweet, mostly pictorial. 



For the Butter-Cream-



Unsalted Butter 100gm

Icing sugar 150gm

Food color if required



Cream Butter till soft and fluffy

Add the icing sugar half at a time and cream till completely blended in the butter

Add few drops of liquid food color till desired shade is obtained and mix well

The butter cream can be stored in the fridge but has to be softened before use




For the Truffle-



Amul Cream 400ml

Milk 150ml

Dark Compound Chocolate 1kg




Boil cream and milk in a saucepan

Take the saucepan out of the flame and add to it the broken pieces of chocolate

Keep stirring till the chocolate has completely melted

Cool and use as required





We learnt how to cut the perfect layers of a pound cake, how to add the right amount of sugar syrup to get the perfect moist cakes, and how to decorate cakes with whipped cream and butter cream frosting. This class was more engaging than the previous ones because everyone present got a chance to decorate the cakes themselves (I tried my hand at butter-cream frosting, woo hoo!) What seemed so intimidating turned out to be a simple procedure.


So yes, here’s what you missed-



















Do try and make it to the next one. Trust me, it keeps getting better!!! 

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