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Burger Love at Chili’s, Pune

It’s nice to see the burger being given the center stage. Something that started off as a simple cheeseburger with a beef patty has revamped it’s image over the ages to give us chicken, bacon, mutton and even fish varieties. And what’s more, it’s upped it’s status from a street food to an item on the dinner menu at a lot of up-market places.

Chili’s has been synonymous with American food, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that a burger finds it’s way to the menu at this international chain. What must excite you here is that this is no ordinary burger. A juicy chicken patty sits provocatively between two soft buns, with barbecue sauce and cheese oozing out, and the bacon thrown in for a tease….It’s literally a calling for burger lovers out there.

burgers at chilis

Folks, get ready for a sweaty, meaty, juicy party at Chili’s this month :)

chilis craft burgers
New Sweet & Smoky Burger- Chicken.  I, who claims to have a good appetite, could eat only one half of this gorgeous thing.
chili's onion rings
How can you enter burger heaven and NOT have onion rings? Wars have been fought over who makes a better couple- burgers and onion rings or Luke and Han. Highly recommended (The management told me this was one of the most popular items on their food festival menus)
chilis craft burgers beef
New Southern Smokehouse Burger- Beef.  Because what is a burger without some beef? This baby was devoured in maybe 3 huge bites. PURE LOVE.
chilis strawberry margarita
A humongous glass of Strawberry Margarita on a hot Sunday.. the good life :)

There’s no way you’re going to hate what they have to offer. Drop by, and have a great time :) Have a great Christmas!

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