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Brunching at The Bombay Bronx

I love brunches. I love brunch buffets even more. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I am a morning person. I can eat like a pig all day, and by the time it’s 6:30 pm, I am ready to call it a day as far as eating is concerned. Apart from being weird, it’s also a healthy habit. So I am not complaining.
Moving on, the whole point of the rant was to tell you how I absolutely adore brunch buffets, and how I did not miss out on the opportunity to check out what The Bombay Bronx has to offer. For 350 bucks per head, I think it’s a pretty good deal. Here’s the entire story-

The Bombay Bronx- Anika
Image Credits: Anika Makim

By now all of us know that The Bombay Bronx is a fun, quirky place with a happy vibe and extremely nice music. The place somehow looked a lot more vibrant during the day: the al-fresco furniture is definitely a big hit. And the best part about this place is that there is no need of any air-conditioning even on a hot summer day. I am waiting to experience this in the beautiful monsoons now.
The Bombay Bronx 1
The Bombay Bronx 2
The Bombay Bronx 3
 The brunch is set out in a street-food/chowpatty theme which is super fun and adds to the fun element of the place.

The Bombay Bronx pani puri one
Pani-puri is pretty meh, the Chaat though seemed quite a hit with customers.

The Bombay Bronx cooking

Here’s the food one can expect in this buffet:

The Bombay Bronx bhel
The Bombay Bronx starters
Starters- 3 veg, 3 Non-veg
The Bombay Bronx drinks
Aam Panna, Jal Jeera – totally needed in the summer heat!
The Bombay Bronx shots
The cocktails at The Bombay Bronx are a must try!
The Bombay Bronx pav bhaji
The Pav Bhaji was pretty good, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even like Pav Bhaji!
The Bombay Bronx pav bhaji 2
The Kheema Pav was pretty darn good too!

The Bombay Bronx Food anika

The Bombay Bronx menu
The Bombay Bronx
The Bombay Bronx menu 2
The Bombay Bronx food 1
The Bombay Bronx mains

The Bombay Bronx butter chciken
Mains- Butter Chicken was pretty okay. The Dal Makhani and Jeera Rice were a little disappointing. They could try other street food mains (rolls,wraps,etc)  instead of opting for the regular meals.
The Bombay Bronx jalebi
JALEBI! Though they weren’t that great. I wish they would serve them hot :( The dessert changes every week. Brownies are another (fixed) option- though not street-style, they keep the kids interested.

So should you go for this? 
1. Ambiance, Music and a good vibe
2. Perfect for those who avoid buffets either because they are too expensive, or there is too much to eat without much value for money. Here you pay 350 bucks and get to eat EVERYTHING: full paisa vasool!
3. The street food- the pav bhaji and kheema pav are delish!

1. The main course was a little disappointing- the dal makhani needs to be worked upon- I expected it to be creamy and smooth, but found it to be a little under-cooked.
 2. The theme and food are a little mis-matched if you look at the main course. 
Another bit of good news is that the brunch buffet is open all days of the week. I’d definitely recommend this place for all those looking out to have a fun time, without caring much about spending too much on a buffet. Do try this out, and let me know about your experience too :)

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