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Brooklyn Shuffle- Review

1509839_603448089723146_1438947490_n.jpgSocial media seems to be taking the world over by storm. So it comes as no surprise when the pre-launch activities for a new eatery start on Social Media. Must say, quite a good start at getting in touch with the local crowd through Twitter. So yeah, I was pretty excited about going for the pre-launch lunch at Brooklyn Shuffle that weekend. The place is easily accessible. Situated right opposite Post 91 in Lane 7 at Koregaon Park, it is a cozy cottage hidden in the midst of trees. The exteriors have surf boards, coffee tables, books, games, the works. Brooklyn feel much? Oh yeah.


The interiors completely suit the name. Baseball gloves and bats as wall hangings, Pulp Fiction posters, colored stone walls, tiled flooring, eating booths and all that jazz. It’s the place where you want to be away from the cacophony of sounds of the mainstream city life. Plus, you’re a part of a whole new culinary experience. You could come here at any time of the day. Soft retro classics being played in the background, the place is divided into a lower diner area, and an upper area with tables. The seating, lighting, and even the air-conditioning wouldn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated; it’s different, comfortable, and gives you the perfect setting for a complete chilled out experience.


The first order was a Beef Chilly Steak, which in fact is a sub. I was a little reluctant about the beef, since I have never had a good experience with it before. What came to our table was enough to drive away all apprehension. The plate was beautiful; with a large sub, cut neatly into two, some coleslaw, French fries and onion rings. Beautiful! And the taste, even better! I promise you, such good beef has never touched my palette before. It’s well seasoned, cooked to perfection, in a thick sauce of the ideal consistency for the dish, completely tantalizing your taste buds. It leaves you wanting for more.


The second dish we tried was a chicken club sandwich. It came along with the same accompaniments, and tasted like any other club sandwich you have ever eaten. But nothing about the dish is ordinary- it is a beautiful mixture of presentation, taste, and ambience.


I personally preferred the Beef Chilly Steak because, honestly, nothing beats its taste. The crunchy yet juicy club sandwich didn’t disappoint us, but it couldn’t keep up to the level of awesomeness as its predecessor. The French fries, onion rings and coleslaw were the perfect accompaniments, well-cooked for both the dishes.



We alos had the following-

Fried Chicken Burger1

Chiken Banh Mi Sub1

Chicken Mac and Cheese

Along with this, we ordered-1 Cappuccino1 Fresh Pineapple juice1 Coke


Here’s the verdict-


Fried Chicken Burger

10/10 for the presentation. The fries in the bucket, the onion rings on the side, coleslaw, and the humongous burger on a wooden plate. All for you to eat. I was afraid to touch it cos it looked so BEAUTIFUL. The fried chicken patty looked juicy and tempting, the size of the burger was a bit overwhelming, and the quantity of the entire dish, along with its accompaniments, was a lot more than what I had expected.One bite into the burger, and I was a little disappointed. People love the fried chicken burger here, is what we were told. But maybe I was expecting spices, a little flavor..a little something that seemed to be missing. The coleslaw in the burger ended up making it a little too bland I guess. I had to eat the burger with ketchup to get a strong flavor. I also had to remove the pickles and the coleslaw from the burger to get a strong taste, but it didn’t really work for me. I would suggest they added a little flavor, a little spice, so that it doesn’t taste bland.


Chiken Banh Mi Sub

Once again, 10/10 for the presentation. But again, the taste was a little disappointing. The bread was hard since it was toasted, and it made eating the whole sub a difficult process. The sub had a little tangy flavor cos of the pickles, and the chicken was well cooked, but I could have done with some spice.



Chicken Mac and Cheese

Goes without saying, 10/10 for the presentation. This came accompanied with 2 pieces of bread, and was the best dish on the table. Oh, the cheese and the white sauce- PERFECT. It tasted as good as it looked . Yes, this was bland, but it’s SUPPOSED to be so. It tends to get a little too heavy for the stomach since there’s so much of pasta and cheese to be eaten, but sit around for a couple of hours, and you can finish it off easily. And it’s worth it.


The Cappuccino was brilliant. Light, not too milky, a perfect froth..*sigh* (Psst- I live for coffee)The fresh Pineapple juice- MUST TRY IT. Perfect sugar rush, fresh, and TASTY.


Also, you must know that when I say I am a foodie, I mean it. So if you thought I was leaving before having dessert, you were wrong. Yes, after all that, my mother and sister were looking at me as if I had gone nuts, but hey, life’s too short to miss out on dessert!



For dessert, we had the chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. Once again, very average. But I recently visited the place again to try their cheesecake and Apple Crumble. Foodporn. Foodgasm. I can’t even begin to explain. I am not a fan of apple and cinnamon, so this coming from me must hold some truth in it. Why don’t you go try it out for yourself? If –“Beyond yum” is not the first thing that comes to your mind, change my name.


Overall, the experience was brilliant. I am thankful to my younger sister who introduced me to the Beef Chilly Steak. I would definitely be coming back for it again. And the cheesecake. And the apple crumble. The interiors are welcoming and chill. The drinks are refreshing. The food is to die for. Go ahead, for an amazing experience with friends or family, or even for a casual date (can’t WAIT to take my boyfriend here, it’s good enough to take his attention off me for a while, which is saying something); and enjoy your heart out with the great music.


My dear fellow foodies, Brooklyn Shuffle Diner has arrived.







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