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Breakfast in Goa : Sri, Vagator

A unique setting on the quiet hill side of Vagator, Goa, Sri comes as a highly recommended breakfast spot by many. We headed over early morning on one of our quarterly breaks to Goa, and found ourselves in a cosy spot in this restaurant, the only customers this early in the morning (10:00am is early in Goa :/)

“I want a garden like this”

Sri at first will remind you of a large colonial bungalow that has been converted to a commercial space. The large kitchen area and courtyard definitely seem to suggest so. Plants of all varieties, both local and exotic, adorn the place. Cats make their way to quiet corners while dogs lounge around in the sun, or sit beside you and make for great breakfast company. This popular spot boasts of a big shaded courtyard covered in thick green foliage that acts as a great camouflage and makes it impossible to spot from a distance. There is a heavy influence of Shiva here, and something about this place steers the conversations towards karma, past lives and the Universe (every single time)



“I’ve never eaten such good French Toast”

We ordered for a basic breakfast – a roasted paneer salad, French Toast, coffee, milkshake and scrambled egg (with toast.) While the coffee, eggs and milkshake were the standard yummers kinds, the roasted paneer salad and French Toast caught my fancy. A salad for breakfast seemed like a bad idea, but since it came highly recommended by a few friends, we decided to give it a try. The decision was totally worth it :) My favorite though was the French Toast and Scrambled Egg combination because the combination of flavours exploded in the mouth to give something absolutely exotic. The French Toast came with sprinkled cinnamon which earned them brownie points.


The location, high on a hilltop, is superb, and the restaurant is  an absolute delight with it’s large courtyard, green, clean and fresh décor and attentive service. I’ll definitely keep this on my list the next time I’m in Goa. You should too :)

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