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Being Fit On Vacation: A Collaboration with Phuket Fit

I recently got back from a fitness vacation and I still cannot get over how amazing it was. We’d do yoga while the sun rose, flip tyres and test our body strength on suspension cables during the day, and enjoy running into gorgeous sunsets to end the day, all thanks to Phuket Fit. When this collaboration opportunity came up, I didn’t need to think twice before agreeing to signing up for a fitness program while on vacation. I mean why not? Isn’t a vacation just another reason to take time off to care about your health? The result? We slayed it!

I understand I haven’t been too much of a sharer on my social media recently (With blocking so many bot accounts on a daily basis to keeping a check on all the likes that I’ve been getting on the posts, it gets a little overwhelming at times) So once again, apologies for not revealing too much about the collaboration. But hey, those who know me well enough know that a blog post would solve all their doubts :) So yeah, here I am!

Without further ado, let me tell you all about Phuket Fit and the fitness program that we signed up for. I know it got a lot of you interested, and I hope with this post you’re going to give it a try too :)

Phuket Fit

A wellness resort located in the quiet, picturesque locales of Rawai in Phuket, Phuket Fit sets all types of vacation goals thanks to its fitness programs, detox programs and super gorgeous location.

We stayed at a private bungalow at the resort, a private space set in between lush green trees with healthy green hedges for boundary walls. In the morning we’d practice yoga by the beach (Rawai Beach which was less than a kilometer away) or Nai Harn Beach (a 10 minute drive away) During the day we would sign up for one of the workout classes at the resort, and evenings would be spent enjoying the neighbourhood through walks and runs to the nearby beaches and Promthep Cape.

How Do You Check In To A Program?

Upon arrival, the team will take you through the set of rules and regulations, and show you around the entire property. You’ll be introduced to workout spaces and instructors, and you’ll be handed over a booklet which contains all the rules, the resort map, the details of all the trainers, and most importantly a workout time table which will help you plan your days. This manual also provides some details about things to do around Rawai in Phuket.

Once you’ve checked in, you’ll have an appointment scheduled for a Fitness Test where they check your basic strength and mobility through simple exercises. After this, you’re divided into Level 1 or Level 2, depending upon your fitness test results. Once this is done, you will have an appointment with the nutritionist who will help you plan out your meals and make you understand how the diet is important for your training.

I signed up for the fitness program while my boyfriend opted for the detox one. Here’s what they were all about-

Fitness Program

Upon clearing the fitness test (Level 2!) I headed over to meet Koi, the wellness consultant. She helped me understand my diet requirements, why counting calories was an important part of my regime now (summer shredding ftw!) and even took me through the entire menu that was available at the restaurant. Best part about the restaurant here is that the menu gives a detailed description of the calories and macros that you’re opting for with each and every meal. This really does make things easy while ordering (wish this could be done every where lol)

Since I could workout and eat my macros without too many restrictions, I was cleared to eat at the restaurant at any given point. My daily meal plan included 3 meals (breakfast lunch and dinner) and 2 snacks. I wasn’t complaining!

Detox Program

The boy signed up for the detox program which meant that he would be consulting the detox specialists in a completely different zone of the resort. He signed up for a diet full of raw food (think salads, fruits, smoothies and detox juices) and massages to help in recovery. His meal times and diet were not the same as mine. You can head over to his profile on Instagram and see the story highlights to see what he ate during his detox program with Phuket Fit.

Working Out On Vacation

We signed up for the TRX class on day 1, and by the end of it I knew I had fallen in love. It was a great way to test our strength, plus I have been wanting to workout against body weight for the longest time. The TRX workout with trainers Harry and Noi turned out to be quite a blast, and at the end of one hour our bodies were burning sore! It took me 3 days to get over the tricep burn lol, but I am not complaining!

Strength training with Phuket Fit was about compound exercises that targeted the whole body. We did split squats, shoulder press, deadlifts and pull ups but do not let the simplicity of this fool you. We were absolutely fried by the end of the first 15 minutes (not complaining!) Really loved the way we were taken through the movements and workouts, thanks to Harry and Alina. I’ve switched over to these exercises for the next one month, just to see how far I can progress with my strength building :) Simple and super effective, it’s been good so far.

Yoga by the beach was a party! Fresh air, sound of birds, dogs playing nearby, waves splashing gently in the background and clear blue waters for company- I could do yoga here all day for the rest of my life! Hoping these pictures can do justice to the calmness that I felt at the end of an hour- The boy opted for a personal one-on-one training session with Efe who taught him the basics of Olympic Lifts. Needless to say, the boy is now switching over to concentrate on these lifts and mastering them soon.

The Promthep Cape was a couple of kilometers away, so we enjoyed an uphill run to watch a beautiful sunset one evening. We also went over to the Big Buddha (a 30min bike ride away) for a quick morning warm up. (Both were recommended by the management at Phuket Fit)

So…..is it worth it?

Obviously yes! It’s great that you understand your fitness levels and dietary requirements at this wellness resort, but I enjoyed the fact that they make fitness so much fun! They encourage you to get out and explore other forms of activity too (runs to the cape, yoga by the beach, jogs near the Big Buddha, etc) Plus they are super approachable and you can walk up to them at any given point to clear your doubts or even ask for recommendations. The staff is super friendly too, and honestly we felt like we were saying goodbye to family when we were leaving the resort on day 4.

I met a lot of people at the resort who had signed up for the fitness program after extensive research. They told me things that I realised we lacked in India. Wellness vacations for example. “We’re so stressed in our daily lives, vacations are a way to take time off for yourself, for your well-being. We also stay active during our vacations. We opt for hiking, skiing, diving; this fitness program is a first, but it’s awesome!” This coming from people well into their 50s really changes things, you know what I mean? Here in India we let go, and even mock those who wish to stay healthy on vacation. It’s a pity that health isn’t a priority yet. But I am sure we’re learning slowly.

Here’s a thing I want to share with you guys- workout on vacation. A change in scenery and daily routine will motivate you to push yourself even further. Trust me on this one. I personally broke a lot of personal records here :D From doing 10 push ups at once, I did 20. I held a plank for 2 minutes 30 seconds. I tried a new workout and fell in love with it. I enjoyed working out all day, staying active while enjoying what Phuket had to offer. I missed out on NOTHING. This was the perfect  pre-birthday celebration I could have asked for :)

A huge shoutout to the wonderful team at Phuket Fit for their hospitality and service, and loads of tight sweaty hugs to all the trainers who inspired us to see fitness in a whole new light. We miss you guys already!

If you want to know more about Phuket Fit, find them on their website, Instagram or Facebook page

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