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Axis Bank Regatta CEO Cup, Goa

People lounge in hammocks under palm trees, enjoy a foot massage on the sunbeds, sip on wine while walking around the green lawns; a beachfront institution, cocktails and sunsets, gourmet food under the stars, a casino with Russian dancers to begin the night and a dance floor to end it all.

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The lifestyle of the rich and famous has always been a point of envy. But the finer things in life come at a cost, a cost that usually lies at the end of a hard day’s work.  So when the opportunity arose to pack their bags and head off to a weekend of pure luxurious living, the rich and famous gladly obliged.

Keeping in mind the spirit of living of the rich and famous, Axis Bank recently organized the Regatta CEO Cup, the first of it’s kind in India, in an attempt to revolutionize the concept of luxurious living. I was a part of this event  as a blogger, and if you follow me on Snapchat/Instagram, you know I’ve had a blast :)



With Rajiv Anand, Director Axis Bank


Allow me to take you through the Axis Bank CEO Sailing Cup-

What happens when steady winds meet tame currents and a protected bay? A sailing fantasy land is born, of course! Aquasail was the sailing partner for the event, and the cold waters of the Arabian Sea and picture perfect beach marked the perfect setting for a day of sailing.

55 CEOs converged on the Grand Hyatt at Goa to learn and compete in a sailing race. The day started off with a convergence meet-up anchored by Suresh Venkat from CNBC TV18. Questions like “How are the banks coping with the demonetization” , “Are you comfortable talking about your failure and lessons learnt after the Maggi incident?” and “Do you think e-commerce websites need more regulation and government intervention”” made their way to Rajiv Anand, Axis Bank Director, Suresh Narayanan, CEO Nestle and Ramesh Menon, CEO Hypercity respectively.

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And then we went sailing.


Everyone who knows me knows how I’m comfortable in my zone, afraid and anxious to try out new adventures. I’ve loved the sea, but I have always been intimidated by it’s strength. Water sports, though exciting, have always been something I’ve enjoyed from a distance. This weekend I surprised myself when I sailed out with the Aquasail team (with Frederic Guimbal , CEO Lafarge , for company) and even tried my hand at kayaking.

(spot me?)

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(I learnt how to change the direction of the sails to turn our boat, how to make the boat stop, and also figured out I need someone supremely strong with me on the kayak next time I decide to do it, because toppling over due to lack of balance is a tiny bit scary.)It’s the excitement in the air that got me to be a part of this too, and I was left feeling strangely empowered.

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How does one get to be a part of the Axis Bank CEO Cup?

Axis Bank credit cards has just launched its first ultra-premium card – The Reserve. The Reserve is an invite only card that has a sign-up fee of Rs. 30,000 and annual maintenance of Rs.30,000. For benefits- https://www.axisbank.com/webforms/reserve-credit-card/index.html

The bank wishes to create a great experience to promote ‘Extraordinary Weekends’ that  benefits the members. Keeping this in mind, they launched the Axis Regatta CEO CUP for sailing on 12th Nov 2016.

Gone are the days when a holiday meant a game of golf or a mini vacation at a beach. There are younger, exotic and vibrant activities that the super –rich are opening up to, and it’s good to see an initiative being taken by the brands for the same.

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