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April Rain, Aundh

Last week I was a part of the Bloggers Table at April Rain, Aundh.I have already reviewed the restaurant previously so I would not be going into a detailed description of everything. If in case you have missed out on it, here’s a detailed review-





The menu for the bloggers meet looked like this-


Oregano Cheese Sticks

Crispy Malwani Kurao Jatra

Basil enhanced Chicken Tikka

Gilafi Seekh Kebab

The quantity of the appetizers served was a little surprising at first, but by the end of it I couldn’t help thinking how well planned this was. The taste was good, I was glad to see they’ve maintained the quality. The only thing that disappointed me was the food being served luke warm. The seekh kebab in fact had got a little too rough to chew. My personal favorite was the chicken tikka.



Green Planet soup of Broccoli and Asparagus


This soup would be a perfect addition to a warm bed by a fireplace in a hill station tucked miles away into a forest, away from the city.





Young Chicken Steak, Mushroom and Red Wine Sauce

One word- DELISH! I had it the last time I was here too. Am extremely glad to know this has stayed the same….and on an empty stomach it tasted even better! :D




Tandoor Grilled Chicken in Honey Makhni Sauce


I might be going back for this sometime soon. The tandoori chicken served with a tangy orange sauce was a clear winner for me. The potato served as a side dish balanced the sweetness of the sauce, and complimented the grilled chicken. I was a little too stuffed by the time I got to this dish, but boy oh boy!!…I ended up eating it all up. *slurps*




Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake

Gajar Halwa





Loved the halwa, hated the cheesecake and the fruits were my favorite. I’m not a big fan of gajar halwa, the cheesecake seemed more like a mousse topped with blueberry jam and the fruits were a great relief after all the delicious food I had stuffed myself with.



The desserts were a little disappointing, but I do recommend this place for it’s interesting versions of the regular Indian and Pan-Asian dishes. You could then decide for yourself after your first visit








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