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A Wellness Getaway With NAAD Wellness

Heading off to North India in peak summer might not be everyone’s idea of a relaxing getaway, but you’ll be surprised to read what I have to say. Before I start, let me tell you how anything below 15deg stresses me out, and anything between 25-35deg is my comfort zone. North India of course likes to do things in extreme, but having spent most of my childhood in this region of the country (#JustArmyLifeThings) I welcomed the 40deg summer back into my life as I headed towards Sonipat, with open arms.

As most of you saw on my Instagram, last month I traveled to Delhi NCR for a 4 day break at the wellness retreat NAAD Wellness. This experience turned out to be a box full of surprises, right from the mouth-watering vegetarian food preparations and Turkish stone baths to the hospitality and service. Read on to know more about thee package details and itinerary.

Arrival in Delhi

The drive from Delhi Airport to Naad Wellness takes a maximum of 2 hours, depending on the traffic that you get as you head out towards Sonipat. Naad Wellness technically lies in the outskirts of Delhi NCR, and you can also use the regular cab service (no need to book an inter-city cab) to get here.

An introduction to Ahaar

It was time to eat lunch by the time we arrived, so we headed over to the in-house restaurant Ahaar where we were served the most delicious vegetarian food I have ever eaten in my life. No kidding, I couldn’t help but ask for the third round of ghee-soaked wheat rotis and a fourth helping of the dal and gobi-mattar. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of a beautiful relationship with vegetarian food over the next 4 days.

Orientation and Consultation

Naad Wellness offers you a walking tour of their property over 3 acres, where you’re introduced to the tennis court, badminton court, swimming pool, spa rooms, gym, yoga area, reading corners and activity areas.

Once the tour is over, head over to the consultation rooms for a quick health check up by the in-house doctors. We had our height, weight, blood pressure, BMI recorded, and were pleasantly surprised to find our next appointment at the dental room. I personally have never come across any fitness/wellness property that offers a dental checkup too, and I was quite pleased to see how they have taken care of these little things that we miss out on (I only go to a dentist when I need help with an extraction or some pain, never otherwise, which is WRONG, I know) For those of you who want to know how we fared, we’d like to report that we’re both strong and healthy humans right now #grateful

Daily Schedule

The itinerary is such that you start your day with a workout, head to a massage, eat breakfast, spend some me-time either at the pool, reading corner, or simply walking around the expansive property. You then head over to an early lunch, a quick nap, another massage therapy, some more free time in the evening and an early dinner. Our days would end at 9:00pm, and start at 6:00am. Couldn’t have asked for a better break from routine, some time-out to feel fresh and rejuvenated.


The rooms – calm and pleasant, with fabrics in soothing colours dominating the interiors. #DecorGoals
View from the room
Fun Fact- this garden is in fact a reflexology track. You remove your footwear and walk around the garden on the stones, which in turn doubles up as a reflexology session with the pressure points being worked upon as you walk.
The entrance to the yoga cabana. I have a thing for archways covered with creepers and vines :)
We did a super fun yoga video shoot for International Yoga Day too! I was also reminded of my love for the outdoors and fitness, because doing yoga while it burns at 46deg all around is not something everyone would enjoy doing. Loved the energy of the team that made this such a fun afternoon.
The Salt Therapy Room – I sat here for 30 minutes, and could literally feel the change in my skin and breathing. I have a few allergies and my sinusitis was activated at this point, and I could literally feel my sinuses open up after spending 30 minutes in this room.

Spending the day swimming in the summer sun has got to be one of the most unforgettable moments in this journey.
They have a well equipped gym that had us smashing a workout for 2 hours. Best bonding time ever!
Cannot even begin to explain how much we loved this ragi halwa made with desi ghee. We in fact requested this as dessert after all our meals, and had 2 bowls of this at the last lunch at Ahaar. What a superb team in the kitchens, they’re literally creating magic with their hands. I could never have expected myself to fall in love with vegetarian food, but those mashed peas, dal soups, salads and halwa made magic happen. I still miss the ragi halwa!

Writing this has made me super nostalgic, and I am extremely sad that I can’t get a bite of that ragi halwa right now :/ The taste of the food has stayed with us, and set our standards extremely high. Naad Wellness has magic brewing in the kitchens, I am not exaggerating when I say this.

The hospitality, the warm, friendly smiles with which we were greeted whenever we crossed each other in the corridors, those beautiful relaxing therapy sessions, THAT FOOD, and a lovely property come together to give us this rejuvenating wellness vacation. I am so glad to have been a part of this lovely experience with the NAAD family. Thank you once again for hosting us :)

To check out package details, head to their website – https://www.naadwellness.com

Or drop in an email with your queries to Namaste@naadwellness.com


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