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A Thali From Italy- Dario’s, Pune

Would you hit me if I told you Darios was a little too overrated? (I remember giving a terrible review 2 years ago on Zomato) It’s a little disappointing, but that’s how it is. I went over for a bloggers meet recently, and all right, it was a lot better than all my previous experiences, but there was nothing special about it.

darios thalitalia

This place has one thing working for it- it’s ambiance. Especially when the peacocks come out on a lazy afternoon and strut around like they own the place. But after having tried it’s food back in 2010/11, I never dared to come back. Though I have been a regular at Darios, it’s usually for it’s coffee and desserts. And every time I’ve come here, the service has been a major disappointment. Ok maybe I am not being fair here- the food is pretty nice, it’s the service that spoils it all. I don’t want to wait 30 minutes to get a slice of cake I can see at the counter. I don’t want the waiter to FORGET my order. I don’t want to be served by snobs. I don’t want to come out and give instructions to the waiters. The service needs major improvement. Yes, it’s the service. Not the food, just the service.

This bloggers meet had us checking out the new concept Darios has introduced: Thalitalia, aka the Italian Thali. Yeah, thali from Italy. Read on to know what lies in store for you-

starters platter darios thalitalia
STARTERS – Bruschetta covered with tomatoes – Polpette di Lenticchie – Crostini with Gt imported topping covered with roasted bell peppers – Arancinelle – Pate di Ceci – Melluci Salad – Tomato Salad
darios thalitalia main course
– Penne Arrabbiata (pasta) – Gnocchi ai 4 Formaggi (pasta) – Fulsilli Fulminati (pasta) – Margherita (pizza) – Sicilianob(pizza) – Al Limone & Rucola (risotto)
darios thalitalia food
Starters> Main Course. The pizza was a little too dry…and could have done with some cheese.
darios thalitalia choc mousse
Well, that’s a chocolate mousse. Strange, but true. This could be made creamier and richer.
darios thalitalia tiramisu
Tiramisu- It’s cake with frosting and a slight hint of coffee. Call it coffee cake maybe?

In all these years, I have never seen the face behind the brand. The highlight of this meet was FINALLY getting to meet Mr. Dario-

Group Photo at Dario's


My verdict-

– This will work for those who like to eat a little bit of everything that Darios already has on it’s menu. There is nothing NEW introduced here. For 600 bucks, it’s pretty neat. Plus it can be shared between 2 people. 

– While this might get in a lot of new customers, it might also dilute the niche crowd that added to the beauty and class of this place. Or maybe it’s just me. We can only wait and see how things shape up.

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