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A sweet addition- Joie De Vie Patisserie


Hello there! I am here to help you gain 5 kgs! No seriously, I am here to make your life sweeter. You’ll thank me by then end of this. I personally have been trying to cut down on sugar, and it requires will power of epic proportions. So far I haven’t been successful. If you have new dessert shops opening up all over the city, it’s not exactly an easy task. I remember how my mother used to bake gorgeous gooey chocolate cakes and hide them away in the kitchen. I’ve had my share of fights with her (I once stole the keys to the cupboard and ended up walking bare feet on a lizard) but I understand her point now. I should have listened to her back then.


Point being- I had a cup of coffee with a chocolate cupcake, walnut cream tart and macaroons for lunch on Saturday. Because I don’t think I can handle being sugar-deprived for very long. I know I need help. (I’m back to detox week after a crazy weekend) Yes,  I’m “back on the wagon”Though let me tell you it was worth it, it definitely was! And after you’ve visited this place I’m gonna tell you about, you’ll know I mean it too! So yeah, let’s talk about cupcakes, tarts and macaroons…let’s talk about Joie De Vie Patisserie.



Tucked away in the corner of the food court at KP Plaza Mall is a kiosk with some of the most innocent looking desserts. Though it’s situated towards the end of the area, you’d want to walk up to the kiosk for 3 main reasons-


1. There’s no other dessert shop at the Food Court

2. The seating arrangement is a lot cleaner (and more pleasant) towards the back of the Food court

3. Desserts. Who doesn’t WANT to check out cakes and cookies, eh? (Sitting down with a book and some coffee didn’t really go down as planned, did it?)


A new sweet addition to the Pune food scene, Joie De Vie Patisserie is a cake shop that offers a consistent and exquisite range of creation. Value for money is what they believe in, and I personally feel this could end up working well for them. This business is a brainchild of Sany Kumar and Smita. While Chef Smita looks after the baking, Sany handles the business and the accounts. It’s been 2 weeks since they opened, and the response has been quite good. The quality of the food and the value for money is what they feel makes the customers come back for more. “We do not want to compromise on the quality, OR charge ridiculous amounts just to earn more. We want people to enjoy what they eat” is what Chef Smita humbly told me while we chatted over coffee. She has worked with brands like Westin and Hyatt, and is extremely confident of her baking skills. And the passion with which she has started the business is seen in the way she bakes and handles her customers. Full marks for the hospitality :)


Here is a quick verdict of the food-


Chocolate Cupcake

I remember zoning out for a couple of minutes while I took the first bite of this innocent little beauty. I also forgot to take notes, THAT’S how stunned I was. It’s all good, don’t worry. The chocolaty goodness oozing into your mouth with every bite- what more could you ask for in a cupcake? It’s moist and fresh, and full of flavor. It doesn’t crumble (yes, crumbling cupcakes are a major turnoff) and tastes consistent till the very end. The frosting on top is not the regular butter-cream one. This one is thick melted chocolate mixed with butter- pure sinful indulgence. If you are confused about what to order, I’d definitely recommend this. For 40 bucks a cupcake, you don’t really need to think twice before ordering.


Walnut Cream Tart

Priced at Rs. 65, I did hesitate a little bit before ordering this. But when Smita told me it was her special favorite, I HAD to try this one. The walnut tart is the perfect summer dessert- melty, gooey, rich, buttery, sticky and soft with a pie-crust base , it’s all that you want after a heavy meal. One bite, and the sugar rush hits you. There is an overwhelming flavor of caramel and walnuts, which is almost absolutely perfect. Fresh walnuts have been added in extremely generous quantities, and there’s a maddening sugar rush with each bite. The tart is served with a dollop of whipped cream on the side (the whipped cream is so light and fresh with a strong flavor of vanilla, you’d maybe want to ask for more of it) Highly recommended for someone who’s looking to experiment, needs a sugar rush…and of course a dessert fit for the kings.



Honestly I am not too fond of macaroons, hence did not try too many flavors here. I did manage to finish off a lemon macaroon, though it was a little too sweet for my liking. Or maybe it’s cos of all the sugar I had consumed (you guys, this is where you try it, and SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK!) If I’m not mistaken, the inner filling needs to be smooth, right? Do correct me if I’m wrong. If not, we could have the chocolate filling a little less condensed. Or else the flavor is bang on, the taste is good, and I think we’re sorted.


I guess this could well be on its way of becoming the next pit stop while shopping at KP Plaza mall. Hope they keep up the good work, and continue with the same passion and energy. Good luck to the team.

Meanwhile, why don’t you try out some of their preparations? You could also find them on Facebook to get a better idea of things.



And hey, if you do not want to believe this review, the post-it notes stuck on the board outside the kiosk are not lying. Check out some of the testimonials…and then check out some of the food.


Nom nom!

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