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A Seaside Getaway On The Konkan Coast

Far from the tourist crowded areas in Alibaug, set on the black sands of Nandgaon, Villa Rustica is a delightful seaside villa, a little speck on miles of the stunningly sandy beach of the Konkan coast.

2 weeks in December 2020 were spent in a cozy cottage by the beach, a much-needed break from city life( rather, from the four walls of our homes because we spent a majority of the year in a lockdown.) Our privilege allowed us to explore nearby towns and cities on road trips, and December found 7 of us (after quarantining and getting tested) making our way to Nandagaon, a tiny coastal village 2hrs from Alibaug.

A small fishing village named Donde Tarf Nandagaon hosts this homely, gorgeous villa that is a perfect fit for 8 guests with its 4 huge bedrooms. An outhouse makes for a cozy secluded bedroom that comes connected to the entire villa, and provides an extra 2 beds for those who wish for some privacy. Each room offers a breathtaking view of the palm-lined seashore.

The property is spread over an acre, and there’s plenty of space for you to enjoy siestas on hammocks, roll around in the grass, and even enjoy a workout.
Located along the coastline, Villa Rustica is a meditative space where you can walk, run, dance, meditate or hunker down with steaks at the fire pit at night.

You won’t be able to get enough of the vintage interiors and outdoor fairy lights, and the bathrooms will leave you obsessed. You will dine under the blue skies, watching the waves flirting with the shoreline in the distance. This is an open plan living at its finest: Start your day with an early morning dip in the sea to awaken the senses, and end with wine-fuelled conversations under the starry night sky.

While you are here don’t forget to enjoy fresh coconut water from the coconut trees that grow all around the property!

Seclusion is key here with the only neighbors being those of the fishy kind in the waves below♥️