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A “Mad-House” experience- Mad House Grill, Pune

Mad House GrillSince the time I have quit my job, I have only been eating and reviewing. And burning off the calories every morning at the gym. I could live this way all my life, all that I need is someone to start paying me for all the eating that I do. Anybody interested?The mood last night was Pulp Fiction. So we decided to head out to Brooklyn Shuffle. 

This time I tried the Chocolate Milkshake and Beef Chilly Fries along with Cheese Sticks.


Drinking a Chocolate Shake while sitting in a booth and discussing work and friends and other not-so-serious yet relevant things in life was exactly how I had pictured my Sunday evening. There was a comfortable silence in the middle when we were too involved with the Cheese sticks and Beef Chilly Fries to care about conversing. The first bite of the Cheese Sticks was LOVE. One bite, and the cheese melts into your mouth. I wish they could have accompanied it with a better sauce- the one they serve tastes like cold tomato soup. Rating- 4.5/5The Beef Chilly Fries looked appetizing- a bowl full of fries, covered with beef in red sauce, topped with cheese. Looks rich, but the taste was a little disappointing. Expecting it to feel a little cheesy, tomato was the dominating flavor. 3.5/5The Chocolate Milkshake was brilliant, unlike the regular bournvita-chocolate icecream shakes we get elsewhere. Only if I would have got a bigger glass for Rs.125, I would have rated it a 5/5.Rating- 4/5


As the evening progressed, we made, cancelled, and re-made plans for the night. We ended up going to Mad-House Grill in the end, and loved the experience so much, we might be going back soon enough.


The place looks like a Christian home in Goa during Christmas. Wooden tables, wooden flooring, white curtains, Christmas lights, the works- this starts off on a very warm note. You can actually picture grandma cooking delicious pies and cakes in the kitchen while you take off your coats and settle down. The red menu cards with snow flakes drawn all over is one of the most beautiful designs I have ever come across in menu cards. So yes, till now, the experience had been a 5/5.


I ordered for a Swiss Steak Mozzarella, and God bless me for that. I was a little let down by the portion that was put in front of me (especially since I would be paying 400 bucks for it), but by the end of it I couldn’t have thought of anything else that would fill me up that perfectly. I ordered a chicken steak (too much of beef doesn’t go down well with me.) The chicken was well cooked, tender, juicy, the flavor had seeped in till the last layer, and easy to cut (makes a difference to the whole dining experience, mind you- you don’t want to be struggling all evening with your cutlery ) The steak came covered in a red sauce, which has to be the tastiest red sauce I have ever had. The steak was accompanied with mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables. The consistency of the mashed potatoes was smooth, though I wish they would add a little bit of garlic (for flavor) to it.


For dessert I tried the Apple Crumble, which was a little too sweet for my liking (this coming from a person who lives on sugar must be taken seriously) It’s served in a bowl, and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The crunchy layer on top tastes of extra sweetened sugar, if that’s even possible. But as you dig into the bowl, you will find big juicy pieces of steaming apple soaked in sugar syrup. This would have tasted a lot better with a little bit of cinnamon added to it. But if you are looking at trying something out of the ordinary, you will definitely like it.


Also, the name suits the place really well. By the end of it, we sure did make it a mad house.




*Also! Do not try the Wasabi Chicken. DO NOT. Unless of course you actually ENJOY that taste. That’s one of us having a “good time” after adding extra wasabi.


Do try it out when you are looking out for a change in menu, and a whole lot of peace and quiet. The ambiance will relax you. Even the music there reminds you of home, and good old times spent with family and friends back in school. This place has a very positive, warm, and homely feeling attached to it. This automatically makes the dining experience enjoyable. And since well fed people are always happy people, you will walk out with a smile on your face.Rating- 5/5




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