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A Love Affair With The Window Seat

The windows seat of a flight is celebrated by many a traveller all over the world. But what is it about this particular seat that occupies a soft corner in everyone’s heart? What is it about looking out of the window in an airplane that brings out the inner child in all of us? What is it about this coveted seat that has travellers lining up to check in early?

Personally I feel the thrill of watching a familiar place fade away and the anticipation of a new place is the most exciting thing about the window seat. Watching the world fade upon take off and then come back into focus as you start descending, is one of the most underrated pleasures in life. While you are in air you look out to see the clouds around you, charmed by the way the sun rays play around. Landscapes whiz past, miles below. You imagine a map in your head, and you, a tiny speck, moving across villages, cities and time zones. You probably even spot another flight in the distance and your creative imagination immediately cooks up a scene where you narrowly miss each other. You look down and maybe spot a snow peaked mountain… Or a river that is the lifeline of a country. You crane your neck to see if you can spot a famous landscape in the city that you are approaching.

The next time you are on board take some time to enjoy this feeling of flight. Let the realization hit you that the view you are getting is not possible from anywhere else in the world. Celebrate this vantage point and on opportunity of viewing a magical world outside this tiny window✈️ 

Until we fly again stay home stay safe.

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