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A Girl’s Gotta Spa!

I won’t deny it. I secretly love being pampered. Hot water baths, berry-scented moisturizers and perfumes, nail painting, foot massages, binging on cake, dressing up, the works! Twice a month I gift myself a special treat with a spa, and boy oh boy do I love these days! Work for 15hours for 10 out of 14 days and treat yourself to a deep tissue massage…*sigh* Life is beautiful.


Gone are the days when spas were considered to be something for the rich and famous only. I’m personally extremely pleased to see people trying to take care of themselves, be it in the form of exercising, eating healthy or even opting for monthly spas and beauty rituals. And hey! Before you think it’s all just a waste of money, here’s a little something about spas that might interest you-

– A massage improves blood circulation

– A massage stimulates the lymphatic system

– A massage helps improve serotonin levels in the body

– Deep tissue massages are great stress-relievers for muscle tension and cramps

And these are just few of the benefits attached with a spa. So yeah, try it.

I have visited a bunch of spas in the city, and have always been satisfied by the end of it. And then I came across Seven Seas Spa which took my spa experience to a whole new level. And this coming from someone who has been a regular at spas since 2013 should be taken a little seriously.

Sit up and take notice….and be prepared to be blown out of your minds.

seven seas spa decor 2

seven seas spa decor 1
The colors are pure love. (design inspiration for home)
seven seas spa decor 4
Whoever has done the wall murals- I shall pay you in cucpcakes if you do this for me. Thanks.
seven seas spa decor 3
There is a calm vibe about this place that immediately shuts you off from the outside world. A calm feeling takes over you as soon as you step in. Brownie points for the fresh and clean ambiance…and the fact that they didn’t shut out natural light :) Natural lighting does wonders to a place!
seven seas spa wall decor
The couples therapy room- GREAT gift idea! Send your folks for a weekend spa session. Do it, trust me on this one.
seven seas spa decor room
Mural painter, I am a fan.

seven seas spa bathroom

seven seas spa bathroom 1
This is the bathroom. Yeah. The place where we have a bath. Yeah. For real.
seven seas spa bathroom outdoor
SRK had once said how the bathroom should be the most luxurious room in his house as it is the only place where he can spend time with himself. Too many feels on so many levels >.< Point being, I am super impressed to see how they have invested in a bathroom too. It takes the spa experience to a whole new level. 

seven seas spa review

seven seas spa waiting lounge
The waiting lounge- natural light, the color palette and the armchairs. I was in LOVE.
seven seas spa waiting lounge tea
Green tea at the end of the therapy. I didn’t feel like leaving this place to be honest.

seven seas spa tea


Spa vouchers & pamper treatments make wonderful gifts; if I was booked in for a massage by a friend for my birthday or given a spa voucher I would feel like a princess. Plus I’d owe them cupcakes for an entire lifetime.

Anyway,take a look at their membership and gifting options. For the entire experience, I’d say it’s a complete value for money.

Brownie Points

– The ambiance. I am stealing ideas for my inspiration board on Pinterest!

– Hygiene. It’s basic, it’s a little obvious, but I did a little happy dance seeing how clean and careful they were with their equipment (my OCD senses give their approval)


It’s a little too far from my place. I couldn’t possibly make a trip this far twice a month. Open up a branch in the other side of town too guys?

So what do you think? Tempted enough to give it a try? I’d say go right ahead, you deserve a special treatment after that grilling week now, come on!

Seven Seas Spa is located behind JW Marriott on SB Road, Pune.



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