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A Dinner For Two- Evviva, Pune

Summer is here, and to be honest it’s not what we have been preparing for. 40 degrees! Pune at 40 degrees! I don’t even…The other night a bunch of us went out and spent 45min trying to decide which place to settle down at – either the place is stuffy, or the open space is not cool enough to sit in without air conditioning.  We landed up at a rooftop restaurant a good 45min away from where we stay, but it was totally worth it. Point being- you’ll probably want to settle at a rooftop place for dinners this summer – you get to enjoy a great ambiance and that breeze Pune was well known for 5 years ago.

Keeping the theme of rooftop restaurants and bars in mind, here is a little something about Evivva at Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre that I visited last week.

evviva poster


And here’s why I am totally going back on a date to Evviva next weekend –


It’s quiet, away from the madness of the regular haunts, and with some soothing music being played by the in-house DJ (heard the Deep House is something I’d enjoy) you can kick off your footwear, lay back and relax for all you care! Add to that a lovely breeze that not many places can boast of- the place stands out for it’s lovely ambiance.

evviva ambiance 3

Evviva ambiance


With a bar that looks like THIS, you can safely assume you’re going to be served something worth remembering.

Evviva Bar

evviva bar 2

Here is what I had- a litchi mocktail. I loved it so much, I ordered for another round! It was GORGEOUS!

evviva mocktail
Look at the COLORS yo!

evviva mocktail  3

evviva mocktail 2


I have said it before, and I shall say it again- I have had the best kebabs in Pune at Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre. Surprisingly the places that are famous for their kebabs haven’t impressed me much lately. I used to enjoy the ones at Shisha, but it’s not the same anymore. So yes, I strongly recommend a trip to this place because the kebabs are PURE LOVE.

evviva kebabs

evviva kebabs2

evviva  kebabs 4

evviva  kebabs 3

evviva  fish
I just HAD to put up the fish tikka..look at it. I mean LOOK at it!

As far as the main course is concerned, you’ll probably not have enough space left in your stomach to enjoy it after gorging on the kebabs. If you do get your chance to try out the main course, do not miss out of the Dal Makhani.

evviva  dinner

Why should you visit?

For this-

evviva  plate

evviva  plate glass

If you like to enjoy good Indian food on a rooftop restaurant with drinks that are as refreshing as they look, and  a strong breeze on a hot summer night, Eviva is highly recommended. Even if it’s for a plate of starters and one drink, you must try to experience the refreshing vibe at Eviva this summer. Stay tuned..I might have something that might make this happen for one of you in Pune ;)

And hey, don’t be intimidated by the brand- this place has the same price range as some of the upscale restaurants you’d visit. Good service, a brilliant view of the city lights, mouth watering kebabs and lovely drinks- I would definitely want you to try this out this summer.

Stay tuned! I have A LOT coming up!

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