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9 Places For An Early Breakfast In Pune

Breakfast for most of us is just a frenzy to reach work on time. On days we are lucky, we stop by for a couple of minutes to munch on a fruit or some left-overs from the night before – only because places that do serve breakfast open well past our in-time at work. Thus, the luxury of enjoying a full breakfast is not something everyone can boast of these days.

Despite numerous warnings that it is the most important meal of our day, we tend to sacrifice dear breakfast for work. But on those odd days that you do remember to wake up early to eat well, even if it is an ungodly hour, remember that the city is still your friend.

We’ve put together a list of breakfast spots that open super early in the city, and help you charge up for a power-packed day. Most of the locals swear by these joints, and we can vouch for the fact that if you’ve eaten here once, you are bound to come back again.

Good morning Pune. Breakfast is now being served.

1. Yezdan Café

Breakfast For The Early Risers In Pune

For decades, Iranian cafes have been a popular haunt for those looking out for bun-maska and chai. Standing strong since 1964, Café Yezdan is one of the few Iranian cafes left in the city. Situated at Sharbatwala Chowk in Pune Camp, this little café is always bustling with customers. From 6 am till 8 pm, there is not a single minute where you’d see the waiters idle. Order a plate of bun-maska, chai and a cheese omelet. All under 100 bucks, thia breakfast of champions is all yours to enjoy.

2. Vohuman Café

Breakfast For The Early Risers In Pune

Vohuman Café has, over the years, become an iconic feature in the city. With the marble table tops, Irani chairs, ceiling fans and tiled floors, ambience might not be their forte.

But this has never stopped Punekars from coming in for a plate of their famous cheese omelet and bread-butter sandwich. Even with soaring prices all around and fancier options opening up, Vohuman Café has developed a unique style that has seen loyalists flocking to it over the years.

3. Goodluck Café

Breakfast For The Early Risers In Pune

The majority of the customers to this iconic joint walk in with modest means, looking out for a simple and wholesome meal. One will find hordes of hungry mutton kheema and bheja fry lovers catching up over lunch and dinner, but let their meat heavy menu not fool you. This eating joint is seen swarming with customers even at 7:00 am. The bun maska and bun omelet are recommended by all those who frequent this place. Like all the Iranian cafes, this one too has created a loyal following, irrespective of caste and class.

4. Flour Works

Breakfast For The Early Risers In Pune

Situated in one of the most romantic hubs in the city, Flour Works is a one stop shop for all those craving a good meat-filled breakfast before work. Open at 7:00 am, Flour Works is also known for whipping up some of the best crepes in town.

Breakfast For The Early Risers In Pune

Pair this up with a coffee or chocolate shake, and you have a filling breakfast ready – a refreshing stop in the silent lanes of Kalyani Nagar before you rush off to tackle the chaos of the day.

5. Vaishali

Breakfast For The Early Risers In Pune

Vaishali could easily be renamed to the Pride of Pune. A restaurant highly recommended by locals and frequented by those visiting the city for the first time, Vaishali has been an iconic south Indian joint where people have been coming over for breakfasts, lunches and dinners since time immemorial.

Walk in at 7:00 am and you will see the place buzzing with customers. Opt for a plate of their special dosa with a cup of filter coffee before you get consumed by your work life.

6. Wadeshwar

Breakfast For The Early Risers In Pune

Another south Indian joint famous for its wada idli plate, Wadeshwar is swarming with families out for a healthy breakfast. Breakfast here is so much more than just poha or upma or a quick omelet. If you’re looking for some wholesome breakfast options in the Indian cuisine, make a pit stop at Wadeshwar before heading out to work.

7. India Café

Breakfast For The Early Risers In Pune

Another eating joint that litters the lanes of this quaint town, India Café is a humble eating joint with 4 tables that offers bun-maska, maggi and chai & is full of visitors at any given point in the day. Drop by for a plate of egg bhurji and bun-maska chai before you head out to work, and thank us later.

8. Irani Café

Breakfast For The Early Risers In Pune

Grab a chair at this Irani joint and order for a bun maska jam, chicken samosa, chicken kheema, tea, grilled chicken sandwich or an omelet. The warmth of the friendly, old world charm of this Irani café will immediately overpower the lousy feel of the work day.

9. Kohinoor Café

Breakfast For The Early Risers In Pune

Kohinoor Café is one of the few places in the city that can serve you a refreshing and filling meal of anda pav and chai at 5:00 am. This is also one of the oldest Iranian cafes left in the country. The old world charm minus fancy fine-dine ambiance is a popular haunt for the residents of old Pune.

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