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5 Ways To Eat Smart With Gaia Good Health

Well, I’ve been trying to eat healthy. While I do work out almost every day (30 minutes a day)I am keeping a strict check on what I consume. Being a total foodie I’ve found it extremely to control my cravings for carbs and sugar. Over the years I’ve learnt how to set aside 1 day a month for pizza, 1 cheat meal a week and I also time my snacks as per my workout (eg : sugar is digested till 2 hours after a workout, proteins are great for post-workout, etc etc) Plus you know how they say it’s 40% gym and 60% diet? Yeah, so that’s true. Avoid junk for a week and you’ll see the difference in your body.

In this post I’m going to share a few examples of what I eat, and hopefully I’ll be able to inspire some of you to make healthy lifestyle changes. Read on for deets-

  1. Morning cup of caffeine

I need caffeine within 2 hours of waking up because I have a terrible addiction.  While I have improved from 2 spoons of coffee powder to half a spoon, I still NEED it, you know what I mean? I usually drink my morning cuppa with some sugar. A great alternative to this is this Gaia Good Health Stevia that I’ve been using since Diwali last year.

I drink tea/coffee later in the day, if required, without sugar.

  1. Snack before Lunch

I eat every hour. That’s a great idea if you want your metabolism to be active all the time. The portions of these mini-meals is obviously controlled, and I opt for nuts and fresh fruit juices (without sugar) once in a while. A hot favorite is the fruit salad: bananas, apple, pineapple and whatever seasonal fruits are in the market make their way to my tiffin almost 3 times in a week. I usually drizzle some Gaia Good Health Honey over chilled strawberries or watermelons once in a while.

gaia good ehalth honey

  1. Tea Time

Green tea! Ok I will be honest here, I ain’t a big fan of green tea. It’s bitter, and boring (for someone who drools at the idea of hot, melting cheese and gooey chocolate brownies, green tea IS boring) But health before anything else, so green tea makes it’s way to my daily routine almost 4-5 days a week. Once again I opted for the Gaia Green Tea.

gaia good health green tea

  1. Snack

These oatmeal cookies from Gaia Good Health are a great option compared to the samosas and chips and vada pavs floating around. Plus these are SUPER DUPER yummers. I need to keep a check on my consumption when it comes to these munchies.

gaia good health cookies

  1. Meals

-I keep my breakfasts simple and king sized: eggs, oats,  glass of milk and toast. Sausages make their appearance once in a while. I also opt for paranthas with curd once in a week.

– For lunch I keep it simple with rice-daal-vegs or 2 roties, chicken/mutton curry and salad.

– Dinner is usually eaten 2 hours before bedtime, and I opt for grilled chicken or chicken salad.

Hope this helped you get an idea of what it is like to eat healthy. For more details on my routin, you can always mail me on dumbbellsanddrama@gmail.com


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