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Mexican Food Fest- Melange

There are so many food festivals happening all over the place, I have almost lost interest in them. Once in a while I do come across something fun, so of course I had to jump oat the opportunity to check out the Mexican Food Fest at Melange. I have always been a fan of Mexican cuisine, and I really wish we had a full-fledged fine-dining restaurant in Pune that served it </3

So was the Mexican Food Fest worth it? Let’s find out-

Food & Drinks 

Michelada: Beer with Tobasco Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce.
Sopa De Lima: Lemon & Tortilla Soup Caldillo De Marisco: Seafood Soup
Chicken Tacos
Veg Quesadillas: Cheesy Vegetables filles tortilla
Churros: Deep fried choux pastry tossed in cinnamon sugar with caramel sauce & dark chocolate sauce

Ambiance &Service

The ambiance is soothing, though we felt the music (English retro songs from the 90s, great music!) was a little too loud. The tables are lit from the inside, which attracts the insects. The management might want to look into this.

With the rooftop cover being taken off post monsoons, it’s quite a pleasant, quite place to de-stress at. And works great for a date night.

The festival ends on 13th November. Seeing the lack of Mexican options in the city, you can check it out if you enjoy the cuisine :)


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