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3 Spices at DoubleTree by Hilton

A couple of weeks ago I took my weekend break and stayed at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Pune. I slept in uber fluffy white beds, pampered myself at the spa, ran a good 5km at the gym on the 11th floor, looking over the city enveloped in a thin layer of smog at 6:00am, treated myself to some Japanese cuisine and a whole lot of cake pudding….*sigh* Well, in short I had a fabulous time, and if you wish to check it out you can read about all of it here.

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I must take time out to introduce you to 2 food restaurants at DoubleTree by Hilton- 3 Spices and Miyuki. 3 Spices was all about the Indian cuisine, while Miyuki is Japanese, my new favourite, and I am definitely going back sometime soon. I will tell you a lot more in detail about Miyuki on a separate post. As of now, let’s get excited about butter chicken and cake pudding, shall we?

I usually avoid salads. But there is no way you can get me to say no to humongous pieces of sausages and grilled chicken.
double tree by hilton 3 senses paneer
The chicken tikkas and kebabs were GREAT. The paneer tikka here needs a little help though. The paneer pieces need to be marinated for a longer time for the flavour to soak in uniformly.
double tree by hilton blog dinner
Well, dinner :) Lovely, light food that had me going back for the second helping.
choclate full
Fun fact- this entire thing is made of chocolate!
double tree by hilton 3 senses dessert 1
The Upside Down Pineapple Cake is LOVE!
double tree by hilton 3 senses dessert 2
Chocolate Mousse. I can’t think of any reason to miss out on this one.

double tree by hilton 3 senses dessert 3

double tree by hilton 3 senses dessert

double tree by hilton desset 3 senses

double tree by hilton 3 senses cake
This gorgeousness is all about chocolate- it’s pretty good, but a little heavy too. Psst- it’s BEAUTIFUL to cut and see the chocolate oozing out while the spongy cake slides onto your plate
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I went back for 2 huge helpings. Cake pudding is officially my favorite dessert.
double tree by hilton 3 senses cake pudding
It’s so beautiful I could cry.

The place was packed, the food was good, and I had some brilliant company. Thank you for making this weekend special DoubleTree by Hilton.

Stay tuned for Miyuki, this one is going to be EXCITING (I am drooling already)

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