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24 Hours With Four Points by Sheraton Whitefield, Bengaluru

Where does one place “business travel” Is it work, is it a vacation, or is it a bit of both?  The answer affects the way a hotel designs the experience for the guests, and it’s good to see how this has evolved from being “just another work trip” for an employee to an entire workation experience. Seeing this change in lifestyle and habits, hotel properties have started curating special experiences for their travelers, so much so that brands now focus on a hotel property exclusively for business travelers only. In this context, today we talk about Four Points by Sheraton Whitefield, Bengaluru, which has turned out to be a hot favorite among business travelers in the city.

Those who follow me on Instagram already know that I spent a fabulous 24 hours at Four Points by Sheraton Whitefield, Bengaluru.


For those who missed it, here’s what 24 hours with Four points by Sheraton Whitefield looked like-

Lunch at The Eatery where I enjoyed some super delicious butter chicken, prawn masala, kebabs and dal makhani. If you ever visit The Eatery please do not miss out on their summer coolers. The watermelon one was my personal favorite.

WORK! I took my laptop and went by the pool to finish off some of my writing. Such a gorgeous work station, isn’t it?

I then headed down to Best Brews for some beer and starters, and before you know it, the baby sister and I had spent three hours catching up on life.

I had stuffed myself with the kebabs and peanuts at Best Brews so I didn’t fancy a heavy dinner. While the baby sister ate a shrimp pasta (yummers!) I opted for, wait for it, pancakes! A huge shoutout to the team for making pancakes for me at dinner time! Needless to say, they were awesome (awesome enough for me to go back to them during breakfast!)

We headed back to the room, watched a couple of episodes of Schitt’s Creek (addicted!) before falling asleep. There’s something about fluffy white cushions and clean white beds that makes you sleep like a baby, no? :)

I was obviously super excited to wake up early and head to the gym, located right next to the pool. Running on the treadmill while enjoying a view of the pool, beautiful Bangalore skies and lush green forests around Whitefield made the workout one of the best ones in Bangalore so far. I even rewarded myself with some extra cardio just to enjoy that poolside view :)

It made me so happy to see this box when I entered the washroom. This one contains all the little things that we women forget about (I remember having a tough time finding nail paint remover on one of my holidays!) and even has a sanitary napkin! Never been this happy to see a utility box :D Such a thoughtful gesture, really appreciate it :)

Breakfast was an extravagant affair with pancakes, dosas, salads, cold cuts, muffins, eggs, juice and coffee. After the morning workout, this spread deserved special attention, and I found myself enjoying this breakfast for almost two hours. A huge shoutout to special attention given by the staff to almost every table even when the whole place was packed with guests. Loved the enthusiasm of the team :)

For someone traveling on work, Four Points by Sheraton Whitefield is a good option because it’s simple, convenient and user friendly, without intimidating travelers with added frills and jazz, the service is great, and it has all the elements that would contribute to a relaxing stay without making the guest go through FOMO (yes, it’s a thing!) The WiFi is great, the ambiance is calming and relaxing, the food is great, the service is great, there are conference and meeting rooms available too, the rooms are super comfortable and well, the swimming pool is GORGEOUS. If you’re a business traveler traveling to Bangalore anytime soon, considering Four Points by Sheraton Whitefield as an option would be a great bet.

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