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212 All Day Cafe & Bar is here in Pune!

I am going to start this review by apologising for all the drooling that I might have caused my Snapchat followers last night. To be honest I hadn’t expected 20 dishes on my plate either. Well, I shouldn’t be complaining- most of the food was “totes delish”.

212 decor

Without much ado, I am going to give you a short and crisp review of what 212 All Day Cafe & Bar is all about. I am warning you though, the pictures will most definitely result in drool. Maybe you’d want to keep tissues handy. Brace yourselves! 

Mexican Tomato & Bean Soup
Mexican Tomato & Bean Soup- this is pure love. At the end of a long, tiring day when all that I’ve had is green tea, salads and other healthy stuff, these flavours exploded in my mouth. And it was AWESOME (means girls reference, anyone?)
Mushroom Cappuccino
Mushroom Cappuccino Soup- Couldn’t taste this one due to a food allergy, but it does sound interesting :)
212 Spiced Arugula And Feta Salad
Spiced Arugula And Feta Salad- I couldn’t keep my hands off the caramelized walnuts. COULD. NOT.
watermelon feta cheese salad 212
You can never go wrong with watermelon and feta.
House Style Caesar’s Salad chicken 212
House Style Caesar’s Salad – not something I would go out of my way for. I ain’t a fan of too much green maybe
salad 212
They have a wide range of salads, and all the ones we tasted last night were pretty good :)
beer battered onion rings 212
Fried food FTW! These beer battered onion rings are a great idea. I liked the fact that unlike the onion rings at other places, these are crisp, and layered well.
calamari rings 212
Calamari rings- the size of the calamari rings is pretty impressive, though the meat had a distinct smell that kinda put me off.
crumbling crostini 212 chicken
Crumbling Crostini (chicken)- I didn’t have the patience to eat delicate food. The other bloggers seemed to be enjoying this.
crumbling crostinin 212 veg
Crumbling Crostini (veg)- this was a hit with the vegetarian bloggers. I found the pesto too overwhelming though.
Gambas Caliente 212
Gambas Caliente- this might look extremely flavourful, but was disappointing. The prawns were fresh and well cooked though. Maybe we could make this a bit more tangy?
cigar rolls 2121
CIGAR ROLLS ARE ALWAYS A GREAT IDEA! We thought we’d share one between the two of us…1 ended up eating 2 of these.
chicken skewers 212
Chicken Skewers- great stuff! soft, well cooked chicken and not too messy to eat. I would recommend this one, yeah.
bbq chicken wings 212
These barbeque chicken wings reminded me of bacon and I fell in love. The only problem is that they’re too messy to eat. But who cares. It’s CHICKEN WINGS!

veg pizza

non veg pizza 212

fondue 212
This fondue was like heaven in the mouth. It’s a pity we need to share this.
chargrilled chicken breast 212
Chargrilled Chicken Breast
cajun spiced shrimps 212
Cajun Spiced Shrimps- pretty good. Though I like my mashed potatoes to be a little creamy, and well cooked.
risotto 212
Surprisingly, I loved the Risotto! (I am not a huge fan of Italian cuisine)
pork ribs 212
There is so much meat on these pork ribs, it’s not even funny. Those on my Snapchat can also see it being cut :) (Dumbbellsndrama is the id) Meat lovers, do NOT miss out on this one
triple mudpie cake 212
The Triple Mudpie Cake is too gorgeous to be ignored. The silence that followed after biting into this said it all.
Baked NY Style Cheese Cake 212
And I have found cheesecake that I will like!!! It’s a little soft, but I couldn’t really care because it totally melted in my mouth and I gobbled it up in 3 bites. I need help.
carrot cake 212
Cream cheese frosting would make this Carrot cake better.


My top picks-

1. Watermelon and Feta Cheese salad
2. Spiced Arugula And Feta Salad
3. Chargrilled chicken breast
4. Triple Chocolate Mudpie
And I am definitely going back for THIS-

212 decor outside
Shades of green, white and blue dominate the decor, and the entire restaurant is divided into 2 parts- the outside sitting and the inner dining area. There is a calm, relaxing vibe about this place, almost as if you walked into a spa. Beautiful decor :)

I had to spend 3 hours at the gym this morning, trying to burn down whatever it is that I could. But you know what? It was totally worth it. I’d go back to stuff myself once more. 

212 All Day Cafe & Bar is located at Phoenix Marketcity. 

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