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13 Things You Need To Tick Off Your Travel Bucket List In Phuket

Okay, first things first. A massive SORRY for letting this stay in my drafts for 10 months. Honestly, I don’t even have an excuse to get out of this, so yeah, please do accept my humble apologies.

Well, we got back from Phuket in May last year (check out this article on how I worked my ass off thanks to Phuket Fit) and as usual, I came back with a bunch of stories to tell.¬† Hopefully I’ve managed to share most of them in this blog post.

Without further ado, I’m going to tel you all about the top experiences you MUST have while in Phuket. Take note :)

Eat Pineapple Fried Rice

I am surprised not many knew about this! It was literally the only thing I OD-ed on during the trip. Essentially it’s fried rice served inside a pineapple (after scooping out the insides of the pineapple of course) So what you’re served is fried rice with a tinge of sweetness, juicy pieces of meat and pineapple chunks. Have this with a Thai Curry and you’re all set for a scenic meal by the ocean. I’d suggest you try this at one of the street side establishments rather than the fine dine ones.

Have A Photoshoot at Yanui Beach

Yanui Beach is famous all over Phuket for it’s picturesque landscape. It’s a hit with almost every local for pre-wedding and modelling shoots. You’ll obviously find A LOT of tourists here. If you do have a photo-shoot in mind, you’ll need to scramble around for place. So all that I’m saying is that you need to go with a lot of time and patience. Since this beach was a kilometer away from Phuket Fit, we walked down to the beach one evening and spent the sunset hour near a hillock by the beach.

It’s also popular for kayaking if in case you’re interested.

Do Yoga at Nai Harn Beach

7:00am at this beautiful beach is the most beautiful hour you’d spend all day. The beach is quiet, there are people all around either swimming, running, or practicing yoga. You have pet dogs, the sound of the waves and fresh air for company as you practice your asanas by the aquamarine waters. I had the best time ever because I had the cutest, strongest trainer thanks to Phuket Fit :)

Go watch the sunset at Promthep Cape

This point is popular for it’s sunsets, and locals and tourists from all over Phuket come down in large numbers to watch the sunset at this point in Rawai. We were staying 2 kilometers away from this, so we ran to the point one evening and luckily managed to catch the 5 beautiful minutes of sunset. It’s like nature was gifting us her special moment after that brilliant uphill run. Best reward we could think of :)

Eat at Bangla Street

During the day Bangla Street is paradise for shopaholics and foodies. There are bars, restaurants and street stalls serving grilled meats to choose from. For shopping, you have way too many options to choose from. We walked around the entire area of Patong Beach, and got so tired with all the options for shopping that we got ourselves some pancakes and coconut water, went to the beach and spent the sunset hour there.

Spend a night at Bangla Street

Best. Night. Ever. Bangla Street that was a road full of shops and food stalls in the morning transformed into a huge party after sunset. The bars were over-full, the neon-lit bars and clubs had music blaring from those speakers while pole dancers gave us some serious core goals (seriously, those women are SO STRONG!) You can bar-hop all night since the place shuts by 5:00am. We went to 4 bars and ended the night at a Illuzion. I also won myself some tequila shots in a bar game so yeah, fun night was fun.

Go dancing at Illuzion

This ranks 48th in the list of top 100 clubs in the world. Nothing could have prepared me for what was behind those red-carpeted closed doors. I honestly think you need to visit this club at least once to know the level of grandeur that I speak of. It was like a mini concert to be honest. Best drunk decision ever made.

Go swimming

The waters are super calm, super friendly, so please don’t hesitate to go right inside and enjoy a swim in that clear blue water.

Eat natural coconut ice cream

No sugar added! Yeah, 100 Baht for 3 scoops of naturally sweet coconut ice cream is a MUST have, especially since you’re almost always thirsty in this beach town.

Eat a pancake

For 80 Baht we enjoyed a banana and nutella pancake every time we’d pass a truck selling these (we went berserk on that one day of cheat day) I got a lot of DMs telling me about how they too practically lived on those pancakes while in Phuket, and I now know why. Wayyyyy too delicious to be missed.

Have Chocolate Milk at 7 Eleven 

It costs you 22 Baht for 600ml of uber delicious chocolate milk, and I know it’s only sugar at the end of it, but ugh. Okay one glass would do no harm. We shared it between the two of us to feel less guilty about all that sugar.

Drink Singha, Tiger and Chang

*sigh* Chang became a favorite.

Don’t forget the Thai Curry Rice

Not that you need reminding, but you know, just in case :) The Thai Green Curry is my favorite, I also got back curry pastes in bulk :D

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