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ChatRoom #3- Smita Kulkarni

I’ve met her at parties, an angelic vision that is hard to miss. There’s something about her that makes it difficult to take your eyes off her. The curly hair, the kohl lined eyes, the red pout, the tattoo on the calf…I seem positively smitten, don’t I? She has that effect on people. Meet Smita Kulkarni, a woman who will give you #mothergoals ,#runnergoals and #fitgirlgoals

 Smita Kulkarni- a mother, a runner, a baker, a wife, a home maker, how do you manage it all? 

To be a complete woman and to accomplish all these roles I need to prioritize my daily life. A certain amount of discipline is needed to do well. My family is my first priority and it’s because of their support that I have accomplished all that I have.  It can get stressful at times, I won’t deny that. But my family and loved ones have been a great support.

Let’s be honest- you are gorgeous. What’s the secret? 
  Thank you for the compliment.I will give all credits to my lifestyle. I have always been a fitness junkie; I eat healthy, I workout, I run. do yoga and meditate.These things make me happy & it reflects in my nature and my looks. Also my positive attitude on a day to day basis definitely helps.
What about running do you love the most?
 I love the discipline it has brought in me. Plus I made a lot of running buddies that have now become as good as family.And of course who doesn’t love the runner’s high? The endorphins flowing during a good run make it all worth it.

Do you see yourself as a part of the fitness industry?

I am currently doing a  fitness training programme to eventually get into the fitness industry. I feel its never to late to learn new things and follow your passion.

Let’s talk about Smitten -How often do you bake? 
It depends on the orders I get , and also the season. Usually it’s about three to four times a week, with the larger orders coming over the weekend.

Your favorite social media channel?

Your favorite clothing brand? 
Quite a few, it all depends on the occasion. Zara is the top favorite and when it comes to running I am a Nike woman all the way!
We met because we connected as Taureans :D Would you say you are a typical Taurus? If yes, why? If no, why? 
Oh yes I am a total Taurean. I am headstrong and stubborn but at the same time I think I am very loving.
(Hey, high five to us!)
What do you want to be remembered as?
I have been getting a lot of messages on social platforms where people get in touch with me to tell me how motivating I am. This makes me happy, it brings a smile to my face. I would like to continue inspiring more people whilst I continue to improve myself.
More power to you Smita!

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