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ChatRoom #2 – Aditya Kakodkar

Back with guest number 2 on this blog : everyone say hey to Aditya Kakodkar. I’ve met him a total of 3 times, but I couldn’t help noticing his enthusiasm for all things strange, his determination to push himself to the next level, and his thirst for knowledge. It’s always fun sitting with someone who has so many stories to share. From overcoming health issues & attaining a level of fitness very few can boast of, to brewing beer and working in the startup space, Aditya is an interesting Twitter friend I’m glad I made.
Here’s your turn to say hello to him (oh also, he tends to get funny. Follow him on Twitter to see what I mean- @Brewkenstein )
Who is Aditya Kakodkar?
Wow, this feels like an HR question right off the bat. Jokes apart, here’s who I am, in a nutshell: ” Aditya is an average Joe who never says no to new adventures.”
Quirks you want us to know about you..
If I can’t squeeze in even a small 15 mins workout in my day, I get upset and annoyed.
(Now you know why I like him? :D )
If you could give one piece of advice to people right now, what would it be? 
Be truthful to yourself. A clear conscience goes a long way. 
What is the worst advice YOU have ever received?
This was when I was grossly unfit- “Weight training won’t help you lose weight, don’t bother with it.”
(He now runs half marathons)
 What about running do you love the most?
Running happened to me accidentally. I never even thought I’d take up running seriously. It’s the endorphin and adrenaline rush that got me addicted, and it still is my favorite part. It’s an unparalleled high, the best there is :D
In  your free time you…
Take my bike out and go for a ride. But since my job involves a lot of travelling, I tend to stay home and hang out on social media sites, laughing at people’s view on the most trivial things. Ever tried it? 
(Now you know why we love Twitter? :D )
Your favorite social media channel?
Hands down Twitter. A brilliant window into not just people’s stupidity but also their creativity. Also, I have met quite a few brilliant people from there so Twitter isn’t a bad place after all.
3 things you have learnt in the last 3 years? 
1. Have faith in yourself and your efforts. Put in sincere efforts, and the Universe will pay you back.
2. Surround yourself with good people and positive vibes. Don’t entertain regrets and bad memories.
3. Green tea isn’t all that bad if you give it a chance. 
What next….what’s your plan for 2017? 
2017 is all about triathlons. Next year I HAVE to complete at least one Olympic distance Triathlon in good time.
What do you want to be remembered as?
I am happy even if I am remembered as I am right now- that regular guy who helped anyone he could physically help to the best of his abilities.
Meet this fellow fitness and food enthusiast on Instagram and Twitter, and you’ll know what I mean when I say Aditya Kakodkar is inspiring AF. Also, watch THIS. 

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