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You Are More Than A Dress Size

Each one of us wants to change our appearance. Someone wants to be thinner, someone wants bigger muscles, someone wants a nice butt, someone wants to gain weight, someone wants bigger calves…the list is endless. But from what I’ve seen online and offline, there seems to be a certain obsession about getting smaller. Everyone wants to be able to use “lost a dress size” to feel good. Nine out of ten times I get “HELP! I need to lose weight” in my mails/DMs. While I have nothing against this, I feel a little sad that this is the only thing that everyone is concentrating on. No one has ever asked me “help me get stronger?” or “I want to grow my muscles” I see a lot of people approaching fitness as something that will help them get smaller. It breaks my heart to see this :(

Before I start, I’d like to point out one thing- those who need to lose weight, there’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t forget to work towards being fitter and stronger, and not just thinner.

Being obsessed with being smaller usually leads to an unhealthy relationship between your mind, body and lifestyle. You see food as guilt, exercise as punishment, your brain as weak, and body as fat.  Let’s break this relationship, shall we? Because one thing I do know is that once you get out of a toxic relationship like this, you feel goddamn sexy. And each and every one of you deserve it.

How do I break up?

Take a look at your body. Be honest to yourself. Look at yourself with love. Admire your body instead of criticizing it. Instead of looking at your arms and saying “omg I’ve got HUGE arms ughs” start saying “I can make such amazing muscles out of this!” Try this every single day till you learn to love your body. Wear whatever the hell you want to. Easier said than done, I know, especially since “this shirt will stick to my stomach” and “this dress makes me look broader around the waist” are thoughts that pop up first. This will need some training- your mind needs to get trained to the fact that you can wear whatever you want to! Don’t wait for an occasion to feel good, dress happy and dress well every day. Love yourself.

Eat clean. I cannot stop stressing on this. Do not say “I will run it off, I can eat this samosa and cheese burger and okay maybe a bit of this freakshake” No one’s stopping you from eating, what I’m stopping you from is ingesting junk food. Eat salads and fruits and drink milkshakes and eat peanut butter wholegrain sandwiches instead. Eat in moderation, and enjoy every meal instead of treating food as “guilt” Eating is fine, eating junk is not. This will usually leave you wondering “why am I not seeing any results?”

Workout, and train well. But do not exercise just because you need to burn off a cheat meal. This will end up in you treating exercise as punishment, and food as guilt. No one wants that.

Exercise because you want to be stronger, happier and fit.

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