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What Do I Eat In A Day?

If I had a penny for each time I got this question, I’d be able to afford that beach bungalow in Spain that I’ve been dreaming of? Jokes apart, while I understand where this question is coming from, I also feel it’ll be irresponsible of me to share what I eat. There are a lot of reasons why I say this, namely-

? You don’t train the way I do. I workout 6 times a week, with 3 days at the gym, 1 day of cardio, and 2 days of HIIT. I also have yoga as a part of my fitness regime.

? Chances are our lifestyles are very different. I need 7 hours of sleep, I prefer being active, I eat a heavy breakfast and prefer keeping it light during dinner, and I probably have been following intermittent fasting without realizing it.

? Your body might have different intolerances. I am allergic to soya, tofu, mushrooms and some types of sea-fish. I am also slightly lactose intolerant. My body doesn’t handle gluten-free food too well, and I need carbs to function. I have tried a low carb diet thrice (with proper guidance) and it did not work for me.

? We definitely have different genes.

While I do share what I eat once in a while, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that I don’t always put on Instagram. Point of sharing some things once every now and then is to make you understand my lifestyle choices, that’s all. I want you to opt for healthier choices. What I don’t want is to make you feel that by following what I eat, you’ll get the results that I do.

While we’re here to inspire and help you make the healthier choices, you need to understand what your body likes and dislikes, what your tolerances are, and how your body responds to different foods. More often than not, you need professional assistance here.

So yes, reach out when you have doubts about certain foods or lifestyle choices, I can always help you with personal experience. But when it comes to making a choice for your body, you’ll have to see what suits you, and not your favorite influencer.

Also, I eat everything.

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